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A quality airline passenger feedback software solution allows you to collect feedback at different airport touch points as well as during and after the flight. You can set up this system at check-in, washrooms, post-security check, in-flight, after-flight, and other important areas to capture feedback, glean instant detailed reports, and take appropriate corrective actions to boost customer satisfaction.

Why Passenger Feedback Software is Essential 

This platform allows you to listen to each passenger’s opinions and comments about airport amenities, staff, and their flight. It enables you to identify vital trends, monitor repetitive concerns, and resolve them swiftly. Further, you can track teller and staff performance at airlines and airports, and compare passenger satisfaction at various touchpoints.  

With passenger feedback software, you can customize airport surveys and feedback forms to ask pertinent questions depending on the touch-point. Plus, you can produce logic-based surveys. Utilize reports to compare passenger happiness levels and the performance of your staff and airport amenities over time.

Uses and Implementation of Passenger Feedback Software

A good passenger feedback system offers the following benefits:

Measure Customer Satisfaction: You can use customizable feedback forms to measure passenger satisfaction with facilities, services, maintenance, employees, and more.

Manage Complaints: Set up immediate alerts for passenger complaints and resolve them rapidly.

Monitor Staff Performance: Utilize digital feedback forms to capture passenger feedback about security, cleaning, and help desk staff, immigration officials, and others.

Feedback at Immigration and Security: Deploy a feedback kiosk after immigration counters to gather passenger opinions on interaction with immigration officials, queue time, and more.

Feedback after Check-in: Leverage airline passenger feedback software to capture comments about process speed, staff helpfulness, queue time, etc.

Waiting Room and Lounge Feedback: Collect feedback at the airport waiting room and lounge to learn about passenger ratings on airport amenities and services.

Shopping and Retail Stores Feedback: You can know about passengers’ opinions and likes and dislikes about the retail and shopping stores at the airport.

Feedback at Boarding Gate: Make use of customer feedback app to capture feedback at the boarding gate as passengers wait for their fight and learn about the entire airport experience.   

Post Flight Survey: Deliver post-flight and airport experience surveys to passengers via SMS or email so they can give their comments on their entire travel experience.

Restaurants and Food Courts Feedback: Place feedback kiosks at restaurants and food courts at airports so passengers can rate food quality, available options, quantity, cleanliness, and value for money, and make complaints if they have any issues.

Washroom Feedback: Deploy wall-mounted tablets at the washrooms in the airport to get feedback on subjects like non-functional flush, wet/dirty floor, etc.

Comments about Transfer Areas: Utilize airline passenger feedback app to hear about opinions on staff assistance, the information provided and amenities at transfer areas, ease in finding the next gates, and more.

Key Features of Passenger Feedback Software

Multi-Location: The system can be set up at different airport terminals to easily compare and track customer happiness across locations.

Multi-Platform: Capture feedback using smartphones and tablets, send a link to the feedback form via SMS and email, and print QR code.

Android and iOS apps: Utilize apps for Android and iOS phones and tablets to collect feedback at various locations at airports.

Email Invites: Deliver email messages with a link to the feedback survey to customers or include survey questions in the email.

Online Passenger Feedback: Publish online survey forms on your site or deliver survey links to gather opinions on passengers’ flight experience.

SMS Feedback: Send mobile survey links to passengers via SMS so they can share their feedback and experience.

Use Multiple Devices: You can set up one survey on several iOS and Android mobile devices to capture feedback more resourcefully.

Voice: Collect voice feedback from customers so they can give honest answers verbally.

Web link: Distribute the survey web link to your audience through email or SMS.

Multilingual: Since airline customers are global, passenger feedback solutions offer multilingual capabilities so apart from English, you can select other international languages such as French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, etc.

Customizable: Personalize and customize your surveys with your brand logo and elements.


piHappiness is an effective customer feedback software that can be deployed easily at airports. Contact us today to implement our feature-packed platform to collect passenger feedback competently and act upon it instantly to boost customer satisfaction.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

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