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Collecting customer feedback at airports can get quite overwhelming, especially when it comes to accumulating them instantly. With endless customers zooming in and out of the airport every day, it is hard for airport authorities to understand where one should start to collect feedback. Feedback is an important and powerful guide that offers management with insight and information from customers about their experiences with the services, product, and company. It aims at guiding the development of customer experience along with empowering positive changes in the business.

💌 Importance of Customer Feedback

Simply put, customer feedback is an important aspect of businesses’ growth through better service. It informs the company about the good and bad of the experience from the customers’ perspective. It helps companies to adapt and adjust their customer experience eventually. Hence, customer feedback helps companies to cater to the consumer base over some time to make sure customers keep coming back.

As mentioned earlier, there are various places in which airport authorities can improve their customer satisfaction. However, it is important to find a proactive method through which they can collect their customers’ feedback. We shall explore the best ways to collect instant passenger feedback in airports.

Seven Ways to Collect Instant Passenger Feedback in Airports

Before collecting feedback from the customers, the authorities need to pinpoint why they are seeking their input. Once the desired outcomes are identified and the process of collection is outlined, it makes everything easy. A clear intention makes the feedback more customer centric. So, let us look at the places and strategies that offer great results.

👉 Survey Kiosk in Washrooms

Installing survey kiosks at every washroom exit would help in monitoring customer satisfaction. A survey kiosk runs the survey in an endless loop, as it returns to the beginning after a customer sends their response. It sends instant alerts that can notify the appropriate team(s) of various issues like lack of supplies, cleanliness problems, and more. Hence, the problem can be solved on an immediate basis to maintain steady customer satisfaction. 

👉 Concessions

The shops and restaurants in the airport are separate brands yet they have an overall effect on the customer experience. Real-time reporting and feedback through an Airline Passenger Feedback Software like piHappiness makes it simple and straightforward to spot issues instantly without having to be constantly present in the terminal. In addition to the passengers, authorities would also be able to take the feedback from employees working at the shops and restaurants.

👉 All Customer Touchpoints

Collecting feedback at all the touchpoints throughout the passenger’s journey in the airport can greatly influence and improve their experience. Airport lounges, mobility assistance, security, and customer service, all counts into overall satisfaction. An Airport Feedback System like piHappiness can be used for taking feedback through smartphones and tablets by sending feedback forms or links via Email, SMS, or QR Code.

👉 Feedback During Check-in

Initiating a survey at the time of check-in provides the authorities with a glance into the customer’s expectations and first impressions. Feedback during check-in can be used to capture insights on queue time, staff helpfulness, process speed, and several other factors. One-question surveys tend to work great as most passengers do not have the time to fill out long forms.

👉 Feedback Near Transfer Areas

Another ideal method of collecting passenger feedback is by setting-up self-service feedback kiosks at various airport transfer areas. Here passengers can share their experience of ease of finding the gates, help from the staff, as well as amenities present in the area. Scheduling daily alerts for these feedbacks can help to incorporate instant modifications.

👉 Feedback at Immigration and Security

Feedback kiosks, Android Tablets, and iPads can be used for enabling passenger feedback immediately after they cross the immigration counters. Authorities can check on different aspects like interaction with security and immigration officers, queue time, luggage handling, and other experiences of the passengers. 

👉 Post-Airport Survey

Adding online surveys on the airport’s website and sending out the links of those surveys via Email or SMS to the passengers once they have completed their journey will not only provide instant feedback, but also an instant one. Feedback systems like piHappiness allow for customized questionnaires to better gauge customer feedback related to specific areas.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the simple yet effective methods that can provide instant passenger feedback at airports. However, one cannot simply ignore that all these methods can be easily carried out by deploying piHappiness, an Airport Feedback Software that makes it equally easy to manage and analyze feedback as it does collect them. Such software helps in collecting general passenger perception to specific customer experience throughout their journey in real-time.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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