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When maintaining a hotel or restaurant business, it becomes important for you to see whether you will be able to satisfy your guests or not, because it is a common practice for guests that they share their hotel experience either with their friends or relatives.  

This will not help you to know what your guests feel about their experience at your hotel. So, if your business comes under the hospitality sector, which includes a restaurant or hotel chain, you should use online survey tools that will help you get your guests’ feedback.  

It is only through online survey tools that you will get to know how your guests feel about you and your restaurant or hotel business.   

What are Guests’ Feedback?    

Hotel or restaurant guest feedback is all about the customers’ views and feelings about your hotel or restaurant’s food, rooms, staff’s behavior, catering services, etc. they have experienced at your hotel or restaurant.  

Restaurant surveys are a great way to collect your guests’ feedback. When we talk about surveying your guests’ feedback, we don’t mean that you will have to approach your customers in the middle of their meal with pen and paper and ask them to fill out long survey forms. 

You can simply do this task using survey software. These days you will find numerous restaurants or hotel survey software with which you can get your guests’ feedback without taking much of your customers’ time.  

A guest feedback app or survey app will help you to create customized surveys from the feedback you have received from your hotel guests through various channels.  

So, let’s without wasting time learn some practical ways in which hotel or restaurant owners can use online survey tools to collect hotel guest feedback.   

On-Premises Hotel or Restaurant Guest Feedback  

By on-premises hotel or restaurant guest feedback, we mean collecting feedback from your guests when they are present at the hotel or restaurant, with the help of a survey tool.  

A good hotel or restaurant feedback tool will help you to capture feedback on tablets.  

Your staff can simply approach your guests when they are in your hotel or restaurant and ask for some feedback and hand over the tablet to them for some time.  

Although the process of providing feedback is simple, you must inform your customers about how they can save and share their feedback. And after some time, you can collect the tablet from your customers.  

This is the best way of getting feedback from your guests. In this way, you will get real-time feedback and can work for improvement at the right time and prevent your guests from avoiding visiting your hotel or restaurant.  

Post Checkout Guest Feedback  

Post-checkout feedback is when your guests provide their valuable feedback later through emails or SMS.  Post-check-out feedback is one of the most common ways to collect feedback from your guests.  

For this purpose, a Guest Feedback Survey app is used to facilitate the automatic sending of post-checkout surveys to the guests through emails or SMS.  

You can even easily send bulk SMS messages and Emails through an effective feedback survey tool 

Set Up Self-Service Kiosks  

Self-service kiosks can also be used to obtain feedback from your hotel or restaurant guests. They are the most suited for your restaurant or hotel business if you wish to have a quick survey. 

You can set up these self-service kiosks at various points in your restaurant or café, like at the reception or billing counter, in the lounge area, or near the buffet area.  This will help your guests to give their valuable feedback at their own convenience. 

Your guests can take the survey whenever they feel it is convenient to do so, like after placing the order while they wait for their food, after having their meal, while waiting for the bill, or simply while visiting their restroom.  

You don’t have to wait and keep a watch on them to get valuable feedback.  

Print Feedback Links or QR Codes at Various Touch Points  

QR codes and feedback links can be distributed to the guests to receive customer feedback. Basically, a QR code will work in the same way as a bar code in a retail shopping mall or grocery store works.  

Basically, QR codes consist of numerous black squares and dots which represent certain pieces of information. When customers scan this code through their smartphones or tablets, a feedback form will appear on their screen, which they will have to fill out.  

QR codes or feedback links work best if you have or are running a takeaway restaurant or are providing home delivery restaurant food and services.  

You can even print the QR codes on the payment bills that you provide to your customer while giving them their meal. You can put a message beside the QR code requesting feedback by scanning the code.  

Embed a Survey Form on Your Business Website  

A survey form can be embedded on your business website. This is one of the best ways to take an online survey from your guests, whether you are running a dine-in restaurant, takeaway point, or a home delivery food joint.  

In this method, you will just have to embed feedback forms on your official business website where customers can easily visit and take a survey.  

The survey link or embedded survey with a question should be visible to your guests on the main page of the website so that if they want to give feedback, they don’t have to put effort to keep on searching the feedback form on your website.     

Sharing Feedback Link on Social Media Sites 

Social media use has increased to a large extent in recent years. The majority of the people, mostly from the young generation, are always available on different social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.  

These popular social media sites are common for people to a large extent to vent out their feelings and emotions. And many people’s feelings to go to a restaurant or hotel depend on the comments and reviews provided by others about a place on social media.  

So, it is not possible to ignore the power of social media these days. So, if you do not have your own business website page on social media sites, you will have to create one and post a feedback link there, where your customers will easily be able to provide their valuable feedback. 

Make sure you respond to every feedback you receive from your customer and thank the customer for sharing feedback about your hotel, café, or restaurant, and the food served there. 

Tips for Hotel Owners While Obtaining Feedbacks Through Online Survey Tool 

Catch On-Premises Guests at Right Time 

Whenever you approach an on-premises guest for feedback, choose to go at the right time. Never disturb your guests while they are enjoying their meal. Always approach post meal, or while providing them their payment bill.  

Keep Surveys Short  

Always make sure you keep your survey short and simple because every individual is busy today, they don’t have time to fill out long survey forms.  

So, create surveys with simple and short questions so that your guests can easily complete the survey without taking more time.  

Inform About the Time Taken for the Survey   

You must inform your guests in advance about the time taken to complete the survey. This will help your guests to plan out the time to take the survey.  

This will also convey a message to your guests that you care about their precious time.  

Survey Links Should Open Quickly  

Make sure that your survey links open in seconds, once guests click on them. If it takes more time to open, your guests may leave and close the link.   

Express Gratitude for Sharing Feedback 

Always express gratitude to your guests for taking out their precious time and sharing their valuable feedback, which they have given either using a survey app or any online survey tool.  

Whether you receive feedback through emails or SMS surveys, or through social media, you must thank your customers for giving feedback.  

Sujata Kushwaha

Sujata Kushwaha

Sujata Kushwaha is a Digital Marketing Executive at piHappiness. She is passionate about topics such as SaaS, technology and business.

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