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Since education is an ever-evolving field, surveys constitute a necessity for gathering valuable insights and data. Also, the academic landscape is continuously evolving due to technological breakthroughs. Contemporary survey instruments have become indispensable for keeping up with these developments and optimizing the feedback loop.  

Gone are the days of manually distributing paper surveys and sifting through stacks of responses. Today’s cutting-edge survey software simplifies this procedure, rendering feedback collection and analysis.   

A well-chosen survey instrument can significantly impact your goals. To help you select the best, we have compiled a list of top survey tools for 2024

1. piHappiness

piHappiness is one of the top academic survey software. It is a feature-rich platform that allows you to gather, evaluate, and act upon academic feedback. Its standout capabilities include organizational hierarchy management, interfaces with corporate software, social answer sharing, demographic analysis, and advanced reporting dashboards.   

This software is designed for various industries, including banking, travel, retail, healthcare, and hospitality.  


  • Create customizable templates  
  • Survey redirection and reminders  
  • A media library that enables you to download audio files, images, and videos to your surveys  
  • Five integrations, including Google Sheets, Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, webhooks, and Google Analytics  
  • CSAT analysis and surveys to identify challenges  
  • Display of quick data on the dashboard, such as client responses and scores  
  • Filter reports using drill-down functions   
  • Quickly save, schedule, or export reports that include all integrated filters and parameters  
  • Word analysis reports provide insights into customer sentiments, behavior, and other trends based on comments  
  • White labeling option to customize the style and feel  
  • Updates and alerts via SMS IDs with custom domains 


  • A 7-day free trial is available   
  • Starts at $49 per month  

2. Typeform

Typeform is a thoughtfully designed tool that enables surveyors to turn digital interactions into personal connections. The smooth and intuitive interface will keep you glued to your screens until you create your survey form.   

The platform offers in-depth data analysis capabilities and integrates with other prominent applications, making it an adaptable option for academia.  


  • Interactive forms that connect with your workflow  
  • Alluring and on-brand forms  
  • Interaction features include question branching, calculator, file uploads, personalized hidden fields, money acceptance, and custom URL redirection.   
  • Insights and optimization features: Download data, form metrics, drop-off rates, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Facebook pixels.  
  • Branding options: Premium themes, removal of Typeform branding, templates, custom close screen, logo, custom ending/thank you screen, and brand kit.   
  • Automation features: Notify responders via email and self-email notifications and close type forms automatically after set responses.   
  • Embedding options: Close embed on submit, advanced embed options, and embed typeforms.   
  • Integrations: With Zapier, Airtable, Google Sheets, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Slack.  
  • Conversion tracking  
  • Priority support & live chat  


  • Starts at 25 USD per month with endless questions   
  • Free Plan: Available    

3. Formstack  

Formstack is versatile survey software that offers a wealth of elements to meet various academic needs. This platform delivers a better way to collect and access academic data. Additionally, it prioritizes data security, making it an ideal choice for handling sensitive information.  


  • Unlimited document templates  
  • Unlimited eSignatures  
  • Collects information with a no-code  
  • Drag-and-drop form and workflow builder  
  • Import forms into Formstack’s form builder  
  • Use custom form URLs to increase brand recognition  
  • Style forms with professional branding  
  • Fully responsive forms  


  • Free trial: Available  
  • Starts at $50 per month  

4. SurveySparrow 

The SurveySparrow platform refines every survey interaction by providing a conversational and engaging experience. This platform offers multi-channel distribution options, including social media, email, and web.   


  • Two factor-authentication  
  • Password protected reports  
  • Schedule surveys and reports  
  • Track scores and study trends  
  • Perform sentiment analysis and gain rich insight  
  • Collect feedback around the globe in any language  
  • Collect data online  


  • Free trial available  
  • Starts at $ 19 per month  

5. SurveyPlanet  

SurveyPlanet is a popular survey tool for academic that offers a host of features. Although it provides a handful of free features, this tool does not support matrix questions and has limited question types.  


  • Unlimited surveys, responses, and survey questions  
  • SSL security  
  • Anonymous surveys  
  • Duplicate surveys with a single click  
  • Survey embedding  
  • In-app reports  
  • Survey creation in over 30 languages  
  • Question branching to filter out questions  
  • Export results into Excel, Word, JSON, CSV, or a PDF summary  
  • Custom and compelling survey theme templates  
  • Question branching   
  • Question images and custom formatting   


  • Free version available  
  • Starts at $20 per month  

6. Qualtrics

One notable characteristic of Qualtrics is its extensive feature set. This software is best for academic research and assessment as it is flexible in creating and customizing surveys to each research need.  

Qualtrics’ powerful analytics capabilities allow for in-depth data study, and its collaborative features facilitate collaboration among researchers.  


  • Access to tools, including summary reports and logic  
  • Use AI-powered analytics and embedded machine learning to mine both structured and unstructured data  
  • Create professional-quality research studies using pre-built survey templates provided by industry professionals   
  • Built-in survey intelligence helps to improve respondent data quality and validate procedures   
  • Consolidate research and centralize insights with a single platform  
  • Use pre-built survey templates to get your study started faster  
  • Finish research projects internally to lessen dependency on sluggish external dealers  


  • A free trial is available  
  • Starts at $1,500/year  

7. Zoho Survey

Both researchers and academics can benefit from the vast assortment of features that the Zoho Survey provides. Its sophisticated reporting tools and data analytics functionalities facilitate researchers’ obtaining significant insights from gathered data.  

Furthermore, its user-friendly interface and pre-built survey templates make survey development simple. The platform also integrates seamlessly with other Zoho products, resulting in a unified environment for academic assignments.  


  • Crunches complicated data into simple formats  
  • Updates report in real-time  
  • Creates personalized surveys  
  • Combines survey responses with CRM data  
  • Sends out surveys with precision and style through mail  
  • Embeds surveys on the website  
  • Smart online poll options  


  • Free version available  
  • Starts from 7 US$ with unlimited questions and responses   

8. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey’s diverse question types, survey logic, and skip patterns offer flexibility and customization alternatives. The platform also prioritizes data security and compliance, assuring the confidentiality of sensitive information.  


  • Unlimited surveys and questions per survey  
  • Add images, audio, and videos in surveys  
  • Survey templates created by experts  
  • Multilingual surveys  
  • Participation tracking dashboard  
  • Publish surveys on social media  
  • Export responses in Excel Word, PowerPoint, PDF, SPSS, and CSV  
  • Advanced question types  
  • Share dynamic reports via email  
  • Multiple email reminders  
  • Embed questions in the email invitation  
  • Cross-tab and pivot tables  
  • Prevent duplicate responses  
  • Custom variables and automated reminders  
  • Data cleansing module  
  • Import survey data  
  • Schedule delivery of saved reports  
  • Team collaboration and access control  


  • Free version available  
  • Starts at $25/month  

9. SurveyKing  

With SurveyKing, a simple survey tool for academic purposes, you can effortlessly create customized surveys such as student satisfaction surveys, classroom feedback surveys, campus facilities feedback surveys, and more.  


  • Unlimited surveys/questions  
  • Export & share results  
  • Phone/Zoom support  
  • Salesforce and API integration  
  • Unlimited advanced question types  
  • Anonymous surveys  
  • Embeddable surveys 
  • Other custom features   


  • Free version available  
  • Starts at $19/month  

10. Alchemer 

Alchemer’s flexible survey design tools, such as conditional logic and branding customization, facilitate researchers’ building of highly personalized surveys.   

The platform’s powerful reporting and analytics tools allow researchers to examine data and gain actionable insights effectively. Alchemer also focuses on data security, offering encryption and ensuring compliance with data protection legislation.  


  • Automate surveys with no-code workflows  
  • 43 question types  
  • Over 20 logic and branching options  
  • Filtered, segmented, and longitudinal reports  


  • A free trial is available  
  • Starts at 55 US$ 

Wrapping Up 

With today’s fast-paced educational setting, adopting the right kind of survey tool can completely change the way you gather and evaluate academic feedback. With our carefully compiled list of the top survey tools for 2024, you’re fully ready to make a choice that suits your requirements. Schedule a free demo now after you examine your options and experience firsthand how they might improve your academic questionnaires. 

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