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Links surveys are one of the oldest and easiest methods of feedback collection with participants. Link surveys are also called as Survey Links or Survey URLs, they consist of a web link that hosts the survey. 

Links surveys are a form of website surveys that are not easy to create but are easy to distribute. These surveys help you to collect quality feedback quickly, and efficiently.  

You might be collecting feedback or distributing surveys through other channels like Email, SMS, or Website, however, you will be able to maximize responses if you use survey links in combination with others.    

Here, in this article, we will understand how advantageous link surveys are, how they can be created, and most importantly, how you will be able to make the most out of them. 

How to Use Link Surveys?  

As mentioned above, link surveys, which are also called Survey Links or Survey URLs, consist of a web link that hosts the survey.  This link when clicked takes the recipient to the survey landing page.   

Link surveys are an easy-to-use multipurpose feedback methodology that allows surveys to be shared across multiple channels.  

Link surveys can be made and shared for any survey you build in your survey platform. They can be shared anywhere. Link surveys are exceptionally adaptable and can be utilized in various platforms such as: 

  • Emails 
  • Signature 
  • Chats 
  • Social Media Platforms 
  • Printed Marketing Material 
  • Invoices & Bills 
  • QR Codes, etc. 
  • Using Survey Links as QR Codes 

Survey Links can be Used as QR Codes

A Survey Link without much effort can be converted completely to QR Code for clients to scan and access the study on their mobile browsers. QR Code Surveys are exceptionally famous and turn out perfect for fast-moving locations or where placing physical devices for feedback is not at all possible like Washrooms, Airports, Quick Service Restaurants, Help Desks and many more. 

QR Code Surveys are likewise an exceptionally cheap and powerful approach to catch feedback and for conducting surveys. 

Advantages of Link Surveys  

We know that link surveys are versatile and easy to use. Link surveys are a great way to reach and engage with your target audience. They can increase your response rates by reaching your target audience fast.  

With link surveys, one can conduct market research at a fraction of the usual cost and can get real-time results for quick and easy analysis.   

Although there are certain limitations with link surveys, the benefits are much more. We should take a look at a portion of the important advantages of link surveys. 

  • Multiplatform – The best thing about link surveys is that they can be easily shared through mediums like Email, SMS, social media, chat, and so forth.  
  • QR Code – It is possible to switch a survey link completely to a QR code, which when scanned, will take participants to the survey page.   
  • Numerous Questions – A link survey is like your regular survey; you can create both long as well as short surveys: all that you have to do is share the survey as a link.  
  • Faster – The time span expected to finish an online survey project is normal 66% more limited than that of traditional research methods.  

Since data is being assembled consequently, you don’t need to wait for paper questionnaires to come back to you – reaction time is practically instant.  

Online marketing experts say that the greater part of reactions is received within the initial three days of the research project. 

  • Less Expensive – Utilizing online questionnaires diminishes your exploration costs. You will get a reasonable setup on postage, and you don’t need to designate time and assets to enter the data into a data set. Reactions are handled automatically, and the outcomes are open whenever. 
  • More Exact – The room for error is incredibly decreased with online surveys since members enter their reactions straightforwardly into the system. Traditional strategies depend on the attentiveness of staff to enter all details accurately, and normally human blunders can sneak in at whatever point an individual needs to play out a monotonous task. 
  • Quick to Analyzed – The results of the web-based survey are fit to be analyzed whenever required. You will be able to see results in real-time so that you act rapidly, make graphs for reporting, send out information for further analysis and offer your results to anyone. 
  • Simple to Use for Participants – Most of the individuals who approach the internet like to answer reviews online as opposed to utilizing the phone. With an online survey, members can pick the moment that suits them best and the time expected to finish the survey is much shorter. Questions that are not relevant to a specific participant can be skipped naturally by utilizing the skip rationale feature. 
  • Simple to Use for Researchers – The fundamental advantage of online surveys for researchers is that they increase efficiency by saving time. Information is quickly accessible and can easily be moved into specific factual survey software or spreadsheet when a more point-by-point analysis is required. 
  • More Fair – Market researchers have found that participants predominantly really like to finish online surveys as opposed to taking part in written surveys or phone interviews and as a rule, give longer and more point-to-point answers. By planning and sending relevant and targeted surveys, individuals are bound to answer with honest answers. 
  • More Selective – With an online survey, you can pre-screen participants and permit just the people who match your objective profile to finish the survey. Online surveys can assist you with finding overview members, assisting you with arriving at a particular target group or segment with important questions that will apply to them. 
  • More Adaptable – The request for the inquiries in an online survey can be changed, or questions can be skipped altogether, depending upon the response to a previous question. Along these lines, a review can be custom-made to every member as the person proceeds. 

When Can Link Surveys be Used?

For QR Codes: Survey links can easily be converted to QR codes that can be scanned to take the survey. Consequently, if you’re wanting to use QR codes for on-site feedback, you can utilize a survey Link and offer it as a QR code wherever required.  

Bills & Invoices: You can print a survey link or QR code on bills and invoices to take feedback from participants without sending them a special survey request.   

On Packaging Material: You can print survey links on packaging materials to seek feedback. In a similar fashion, QR codes from survey links can also be printed on the packaging materials.   

Anonymous Feedback: When you wish to have unknown or anonymous feedback or need to encourage survey participation, you can share study Links or a QR code of something similar. 

When There are No Customer Details like Email Address, Phone Number: You can share survey links in any channel, such as print media, social media, etc. This will help you to share your survey links even if you don’t have your recipients’ contact details.  

Social Media Sharing: You can share survey links on social media, which will help you to focus on your whole supporter base with a single post. 

Where Shouldn’t You Use Survey Links

When Internet network might be inconsistent – Since a link survey is hosted on a site page, you probably shouldn’t utilize it when your beneficiaries have poor internet network connectivity.  

When you have client details and can send Email surveys or SMS surveys – When you have your survey crowds’ contact details, for example, email and text number, it’s smarter to send them survey requests independently, so as to stand out at events when they can’t check different platforms, for example, a social media channel. 

On Website: Don’t misunderstand us. websites are an incredible spot to take feedback. In any case, better than utilizing link surveys, you can install the survey right within your website, apart from this you can even add an input button to your website. 

On the off chance that you’re taking post-transaction feedback, a feedback form popup always works perfectly. We recommend you pick these as opposed to utilizing link surveys on your website. 

Sujata Kushwaha

Sujata Kushwaha

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