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There were times when common feedback survey methods like SMS, Email, Mobile Apps, and Web Link were commonly used by businesses to collect feedback. Some enterprises and large businesses even separately use to develop customized customer feedback app to collect feedback from their customers.  

However, with the changing times, QR codes have replaced customer feedback apps. Today, businesses are increasingly using feedback QR code survey methods to collect feedback from their valuable customers.  

A feedback QR code when scanned using smartphones, simply directs customers to an online form that allows them to give their valuable feedback about a business’ product or service. 

Today, almost every one of us has a smartphone, and we all use QR codes to make payments, place orders, etc. So, practically we all can use the same to give feedback to a business.  

There are numerous benefits of using QR codes for surveys irrespective of the industry or business. And the best thing about using QR codes is that it is completely effortless and is quick in the process of providing feedback.  

So, let’s learn more about QR codes and how beneficial they are for a business.  

Advantages of Using QR Codes for Survey  

Using a QR code survey method will allow your business to extend the following advantages to collect feedback on physical interactions in the real world.  Further, it enables you to collect options and comments in one go.  

There are many more advantages of using a QR code survey: 

Easily Take Feedback   

With QR codes it is easy to get feedback from customers. All that, customers will have to do is scan the QR code using their mobile cameras and start taking the survey.   

Very Much Easier for Brands  

Most of the top and mid-level brands today prefer to collect feedback through QR codes, as generating one and embedding a survey link is very much easier. There is no need for any complex coding to create surveys, you just have to get a sharing link and insert it into the QR code.   

All you need is an efficient survey tool that will help you to create attractive and intelligent surveys and also generate QR codes for survey distribution.  

Moreover, there is no need for you to install dedicated devices like a tablet or kiosk to collect feedback. You just have to print your survey QR code at different touchpoints and you will start receiving feedback from your valuable customers.    

Quick Data Collection  

QR code surveys are easily accessible as they are shared easily among customers who visit a shopping complex or a particular brand.  

And since there is no particular single dedicated device that customers need to take the survey on, they can share feedback simultaneously with their own smartphones.  

This will lead you to cover a large number of audiences in the shortest time possible.  

Feedback Without Any Touch  

With the fear of Covid-19 still lingering around, customers even today are preferring to make payments without touching a particular object or person, thanks to the invention of QR codes.  

QR code surveys allow brands to go for contactless feedback collection, something which is not possible with fixed tables at a place or any other digital devices.  

This will highly encourage your customers to participate and share in detail their likes and dislikes about your brand.    

Better Participation in Survey Process  

It is a known fact that with QR codes sharing feedback for customers has become super easy, therefore, it encourages them to participate in a survey process.  

In case, if customers forget to provide their valuable feedback at a particular touchpoint, the QR survey fits so perfectly in their journey, that they are carried out to take the survey at different touchpoints.  

For example, in a restaurant or café, a survey QR code can be pasted on the table, menu, exit doors, and even on the bill. This means if your customer mistakenly forgets to give his/her valuable feedback using one of the survey prompts in the restaurant or café, he/she can always be reminded to share feedback even after he/she leaves that place. 

Immediate Feedback Sharing  

It is common for people to forget to take a feedback survey because they receive huge emails and SMS requests every day. In such a case, sometimes they share feedback when it’s too late.  

With the QR code survey method, this problem can be easily solved since they can provide their valuable feedback instantly while they are in a hurry to attend an event, traveling, or in a queue, etc.  

Moreover, customers are encouraged to share their valuable feedback instantly as they know that they don’t have to open their inbox or go through a list of text messages or emails to find a survey link.   

Feedback From Unidentified Sources 

As a business owner, you might think that people with whom you have a business are the only ones who can share feedback to enhance your offerings.   

However, you might not know that with a QR code you can also have feedback from those who due to some or either reason, walked away from your business.  

For example, if you have a retail store, and some of your customers simply walked away without purchasing anything, such customers can even share their reason for doing so through the QR codes. You can ask them what really they didn’t like about your brand which let them do so.  

This information will help you to collect the interest of similar potential customers and convert them by offering exactly what they expect from your business.  

And as you have sent such unidentified visitors a survey request on their mobile phones or emails, you can use the QR code survey method to collect their valuable feedback.  

Where Can QR Codes be Practically Used to Collect Feedback?  

Business owners can use QR code reviews to collect real-world opinions from their customers to know about a product or service they offer.  

QR codes are a good alternative to kiosks that are a form of customer feedback software and need customer’s personnel details.  

QR codes provide great convivence to customers. With QR codes they don’t have to follow through the process of registration or filling in details to provide feedback. All they have to do is simply scan and fill out a provided template.  

So, let’s look at a few of the practical cases where QR codes can be used.  

In Retail Stores 

In retail stores, there are several things that can either make or break the experience of visitors, such as the availability of products, waiting time, payment mode, etc.  

So, if you do not do a proper survey of all your visitors and find out the challenges they are facing, you may be losing your potential customers, and subsequently a loss in business.  

You may use a customer feedback tool, or a kiosk feedback station to survey customers, but what about the customers who left without shopping, you can’t force them to stop and give feedback through these channels.  

So, the ultimate solution to this is using a QR code survey method, in which customers would simply scan the code through their smartphone and fill in the survey answers on their way out. 

You can simply embed a survey link into a QR code and paste it on the exit doors, billing counters, etc. which would make it easy for customers to give feedback on their way out.    

At Restaurants  

At restaurants, you can use the QR code in two ways, one is to display the menu online, and the other, as a feedback form to collect feedback on your service or your restaurant.  

You can simply paste your QR codes on separate cardboard or tables and instruct your customers to scan the QR code to give their rating!  

At Airports 

QR codes at airports can be used in every possible way. QR codes can be pasted in halls, bathrooms, souvenir shops, etc.  

Now, these QR codes can also be used at check-in points. A feedback form QR code can be pasted at check-in points so that passengers can provide their valuable feedback to the airline company.  

At Events, Workshops, and Conferences 

When you are hosting an event, workshop, or conference meeting, and are looking to collect some feedback, sending feedback surveys to attendees after the event may not help, as the experience may not be fresh in their minds at that time.  

Therefore, it is suggested to collect feedback either mid-event or post-event while your attendees are still at the event.  

You may either hand out feedback forms or share a URL with all the attendees so that they can take the survey. However, there would be a lot of work needed to be done, which can poorly affect the quality of the feedback.  

A great alternative to this is a QR code feedback and survey that can be printed on standees, doors, banners, presenter slides, etc. All attendees would easily scan the survey QR code using their smartphones and they will be directed to the survey screen.  


The QR code survey method is the simplest way that helps business owners improve their business and expand logically with customer feedback. However, the only thing that they must take care of is selecting a good customer feedback tool that will make it all easier.  

As business owners, they must choose a customer feedback survey tool that has intelligent functionalities and easy-to-use interfaces to help create attractive surveys and distribute them across the QR codes, websites, tablets, and kiosks.s. 

Sujata Kushwaha

Sujata Kushwaha

Sujata Kushwaha is a Digital Marketing Executive at piHappiness. She is passionate about topics such as SaaS, technology and business.

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