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Most restaurants try to collect feedback from their customers, the most favorable process being a paper feedback form with a printed survey. Even if the customers respond to these surveys, it does not bring much help to the business.

Analyzing and converting these feedbacks into useful results is not only difficult, but also very time-consuming. Ultimately, most of these feedbacks end up fruitless.

With the enhancement of technology, everything physical is getting replaced by digitization, then why shouldn’t the process of taking feedback follow the same trend? Here lies the key role of restaurant feedback apps which revolutionizes the process of taking customer feedback by automating the entire feedback process.

Restaurant Survey App Configuration

Restaurant survey app allows to create a system that is suited for your company and it can be highly configured so that you can get what is on your mind onto the system. The app should be configured in such a way that it can get the most out of the customer’s insights on his/ her experience at the restaurant. If not done so, even if the customer gives feedback, it will not reach the person who will address it.

By setting up a restaurant feedback app one can improve the quality and service of business and gain powerful insights from the feedback received from customers.

Here are some of the major aspects of using a restaurant survey app that can help you obtain better feedback from your customers when compared to the primitive pen and paper method .

Get Specific Feedbacks

Obviously, it is not possible to predict which item someone is going to consume and neither is it possible to print the whole menu on a feedback form to know the details of a specific item. The menu can be integrated within the system post which the customer can choose to talk about specific items.

Measure the Performance of Each Aspect of Service

Performance can be measured based on the feedback provided by the customer. The system can calculate the popularity of each product at the restaurant and decide which ones must be discontinued. It can analyze and give results in the form of pie charts, graphs, tables, and all kinds of relevant data.

Customer Data Integration

The major advantage of digital feedback forms is that precious customer data like phone number, Email ID can be collected. The data can be used to keep customers updated about new offers and dishes. Phone numbers can be used to greet the customers on their special occasions such as birthdays.

Real-Time Alerts

The person concerned will instantly receive an alert if a customer has given a negative review, and the issue can be attended to immediately. Chances are people won’t come back to the restaurant if they have had a bad experience and so the person concerned will be able to attend the customer even before they step out of the door.

Easier for the Customer as well as the Staff

Filling up a long restaurant feedback form can be quite an unsettling affair for most customers. Most of the times they don’t fill the full forms. Using the Restaurant Feedback System to ask relevant questions solves the problem. Also manually calculating the results can be a tiring job.


The system requires a one-time investment and is very easy to keep running. It prevents the cost of printing paper and also misplacing them. It costs little to nothing to run a digital feedback app which is very user-friendly.


The first thing that a consumer expects about a good brand is that they have every segment of their system digitized. One should definitely opt for a digital feedback system for the branding of your business.

Human Nature

If a customer has had a bad experience, it is most likely the person will not come back to the restaurant unless he/ she has a process of addressing the concern. Most of them won’t share it with a staff who attended them on pen and paper and even if they would, it may not reach the concerned person.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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