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Is eNPS the Right Metric for Employee Engagement?

The system of eNPS of better known as employee Net Promoter Score is somewhat similar to what is used in the case of measuring NPS of customers. Companies measure NPS score to know whether their customers will recommend their products, services, or the brand to other customers or not. Similarly, companies wish to know whether […]...
Employee Feedback SoftwareEmployee Feedback System

How to Promote Employee Satisfaction and Happiness?

Employee happiness is directly proportional to company productivity. It should be a matter of concern for every organization as to how to keep your employees satisfied and happy. Modern psychologists say a happy working environment makes an employee feel better to perform and aids their task productivity. An organization needs to cultivate a healthy culture […]...
Employee Feedback SoftwareEmployee Feedback System

How to Choose Best Employee Feedback Software for Your Organization

Feedback culture has established itself as one of the most critical aspects of any organization. This is especially the case with employees, who spend hours of their day providing dedicated services to your establishments. Therefore, introducing employee feedback software into your workspace has become such an important aspect of running your business. Taking care of […]...
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