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Employee happiness is directly proportional to company productivity. It should be a matter of concern for every organization as to how to keep your employees satisfied and happy. Modern psychologists say a happy working environment makes an employee feel better to perform and aids their task productivity. An organization needs to cultivate a healthy culture so that employees could have positive thoughts for their working environment.

Now the most important thing that comes in mind is ‘how an organization will come to know about employee feelings?’.

There’s always a right answer waiting for you if you look hard enough. Employee Satisfaction Software looks after employees’ overall levels of satisfaction, and bodes perfectly well with this question.

Key Factors for Customer Satisfaction 

Customer Satisfaction is a great challenge for many agencies. With this widespread challenge, the manager needs to know that human productivity towards the workplace depends upon the basic factors that influence employee satisfaction. Some of the factors are listed below that give a brief idea of how to promote employee satisfaction and happiness.

  1. Respect – For the long term satisfaction respect is the most important factor. Giving someone respect makes them feel better and motivates them to continue in the future. 
  2. Trust- Trust is the most powerful tool in an organization. It is hard to gain the trust of employees but necessary as well. There is a need to have trust among employees and the organization for maximum productivity. 
  3. Security – As far as security is concerned, an organization should have strong security rules for every employee. The employee will only come to operate and work regressively if they have a secured environment. 
  4. Career- A career is promising when there is a step by step improvement in skills. To have a successful career we need to have continuous perfection in our activities and also need to work out of the box. 
  5. Pay and Benefits– An employee is only satisfied when they are paid correctly for their skills. Everyone dreams of a good job and a good salary. The salary justifies the contribution of an employee towards the company. 

Things to Balance Stress at the Workplace 

According to the Customer Satisfaction Survey App, here are the things that can be followed to lower down the stress at the workplace. 

  1. Reframe Your Working Environment: Investigate how your employees communicate with one another. With the help of Customer Satisfaction Survey Software, you can easily come to know about pinpoint areas where employees can improve their behavior. With the help of this tool, you will get an idea of how your employees communicating with the clients. Keep the continuous check on the email and calls delivered to the client. If any bad feedback is received by the client then try to improve. 
  2. Create a Peaceful, Comfortable Atmosphere for the Employee: An employee will only perform peacefully when there is comfort in the workplace. To make your employees feel better you need to keep a healthy environment through any activities like lighting, music, decor. Try to provide comfort with the facilities and a relaxing environment. 
  3. Encourage Your Employees: The best to keep your employees happy is to listen to the needs of the employee in an organization. Each and every employee should have equal rights to put their thoughts and ideas on any topic, considering their position and involvement in the projects. Ask for regular feedback regarding the environment, facilities, needs, work stress, work progress and obey the things that they want to say. If the maximum number of employees dislike something then try to fix them out. 
  4. Allow Flexibility: Giving your workers additional planning adaptability enables them to deal with their own duties without stressing over them or agonizing over their employer’s stability. 
  5. Focus on Employee Feedback: After having feedback from the employee, the next step is to put all efforts to resolve the problem. 
  6. Serve Tea and Snacks in Free Time: A continuous workload can make an employee feel stress. Offer some free time where they can enjoy tea and snacks. Whenever the situation allows, attempt to take into account the people in your group. Some may react to various prizes or conditions superior to anything others, so put your insight into your group’s inclinations to great use. 


Thereby, considering the essentiality of employee feedback software for monitoring purposes, choosing an appropriate one is highly recommended. piHappiness brings to the organizations a tremendous way of monitoring and using employee satisfaction grades for improvement purposes.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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