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What is a Feedback Survey?

A feedback survey is a type of process used to find the amount of customer satisfaction. Feedback can be taken on the basis of services provided by the business to different customers. A survey is designed consisting of many questions so that the business can get proper feedback on its product. The right to speech is given to the customer in each and every questionnaire so that they can freely express their views and experience. A conductive and well-organized customer feedback app should be made to perform such surveys.

Need for Feedback Surveys

Customer’s feedback is needed to improve the business as well as its products and services provided by them so that they can increase their sales and make their customers happy. The feedback provided by the customer can be both, negative or positive and the company should accept its negative feedback. All the negative feedback should be taken as a power to improve the quality of the performance. The company should never take any negative feedback as criticism. By using the customer feedback software the business makes it a never-ending cycle of improving its services provided to the customer.

What is an Online Feedback Survey

An online feedback survey is a tool that collects all data and information through online feedback form which is provided to the customer in the form of a customer feedback app through emails etc. This customer feedback software is made very efficiently by the company on its own. To improve its services for the customers.

Tips for Creating an Online Feedback Survey

➢ The questions asked should be clear.

➢ To identify things to improve, giving specific questions and answers will make it easier.

➢ Instead of asking a long question, break it into many small questions.

What is a Live Chat bot

This is another online consumer service provided by the business itself on their official website so that they can help their customers by answering common queries. Live chat software is made by the company which is trained to answer the customer’s common queries. All the types of common queries related to the product are inserted in this live chat software. Through this software, customers can conveniently get their doubts sorted.

Some Advantages of a Live Chat bot

  • The major advantage of a live chatbot is it can work without human help. As well as it has the ability to chat for more than two hours a day, by saving time, money, and energy.
  • A live chatbot is a multitasker as it can answer many customers at one time.
  • Another advantage of the love chatbot is it can stay online for 24/7 and 365 days whenever it’s needed.
  • The installation cost of a live chatbot is cheaper. So that now the business can serve it’s more than 1000 customers easily.
  • A live chatbot is a computerized software that answers all the queries in a simple form.

Online Feedback Survey Vs Live Chat bot

  • The online feedback survey is a kind of process whereas living chat-bot is a tool.
  • The online feedback survey is a questionnaire that is answered by customers whereas live chat-bot is a computerized software that clears the doubts of customers.
  • In an online feedback survey, customer feedback is used to improve the drawbacks of the business whereas a live chat-bot is a software that provides service to the customer by answering their questions.
  • Online feedback survey consumes a lot of time, money, and energy because it’s been created by a person and has to be sent by them to their many customers on their emails whereas live chat-bot is a computerized software once installed can work without human help, so it saves time, it’s installation cost is even cheaper, so it saves money, and it works for several hours and whenever it’s needed, it even saves energy too.

Customer’s Happiness is Important

For those firms who are developing yet, customers’ happiness and satisfaction matter the most. Few businesses conduct a feedback survey on the customer happiness app to go through customs expectations. By going through this customer happiness app by piHappiness, the company will find many ways to improve its products or services according to the customer. To calculate whether a customer is happy after using its products and what the customer feels about its experience of purchasing that product all this can be measured by using this offering by piHappiness.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

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