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Asking your users regarding their experience with the product/service and about their take on the same is known as customer feedback. It means that you can collect data from the customers about whether they are satisfied or not with the offerings which you provided. Many firms are now employing feedback tools because they have understood the importance of customer feedback in today’s competitive era.

📝 What are Feedback Tools?

  • Feedback –The data is used as a basis for improvement. It is about listening and analyzing it timely and providing the best solutions to get better results.
  • Feedback Tools – These tools are used to collect reviews, comments, and responses via tools. Maybe that is why they contribute to being a Customer Happiness App.

Types of Feedback Tools

Here are some of the feedback tools which can help you in getting relevant data

  1. Webshop Reviews
  2. Traditional Surveys
  3. Community Feedback
  4. Visual Feedback
  5. Website Feedback Forms

The list is just an appetizer in the big plate of tools, as due to advancement in technology, more feedback tools are available which can help in getting feedback data that can further be used for business or personal use.

How to Gather This Feedback?

You may collect customer feedback online very easily owing to advancements in technology. Nowadays, the companies can easily see the opinions of their customers as comments and reviews which are left online by them on social media platforms as well as the other platforms. Another way to address this issue is to closely monitor complaints and requests. Some companies directly take action on seeing the feedback of the customers to help out and resolve as many issues as possible. For this, the use of Feedback tools is highly suggested. 

Although, there are many different feedback tools available in the market, choosing the right one is very hard. The purpose of the feedback tools is quite different as it is based on the data gathering methods.

Why They Are Required?

Effective feedback is very helpful. It is vital to make the right decisions. Top firms use these tools because they intend to improve their working and overall performance. Feedback can be energizing as well as motivating and with the aid of valuable feedback, one may enhance the productivity of the firm in the long run.

Why They Are So Popular?

  • It is now much popular among companies as well as individuals as one may grab all the feedback of the users by creating online survey forms and may take necessary actions.
  • Feedback tools only need to employ at the desired platforms and within a short span, one may collect data of feedback and take the required steps to improve the quality of the services or products.

Some Lists of Feedback Tools

😊Website VoC Surveying

It is the research method used by several business entities to find out the need of the customers. It is used to visualize the gap between actual and expected things.

  • Importance– Website VoC surveying is important for purposes like- to foster enduring relationships, decrease the churn of the customer and enhancement of lifetime value by acting, listening, etc.
  • Process– It is a term that is used in IT and business entities. It assists in describing or capturing the user’s preferences, expectations, and aversions. It studies both quantitative as well as qualitative research methods.
  • How Do You Collect Data?–You may collect the data very easily if you employ the website VoC surveying. You may use some of the methods to collect data which are by surveying, by focusing on the specific groups, by interviewing the customer as well as collecting voice of process data.
  • How Can You Create a Survey?–You may create a survey in some simple steps such as by Ask often, User formatting, Ease into it, stick to specifics, be brief, keep it relevant, avoid yes or no in the questions and use clarify option in the feedback sessions.
😊 Community Feedback

It is a group of people who share something in common. It is a collection of responses and reviews of the customers when a firm asks from its customers.

Importance– Everyone intends to be heard and collecting feedbacks helps in making the customer’s voice reachable to the organization. A company always shows that they are ready to hear their customers.

Process – By gaining some feedback the company can easily improve the product qualities.

Collection –You may collect data for community feedback as by doing the following things like live chat, feedback in live chat, create feedback forms on the site, you may call your users, use emails, etc.

How Can I Create a Survey? –You may create the survey in the community feedback by opting few steps like setting your goals, write survey questions, test, send it to the members, collecting responses, analyze the responses and act on the results.

😊Usability Feedback

It is feedback that explains how real parts of a product can be used to complete specific tasks.

  • Importance– It is important because it is about user service.
  • Process –Write down the test, create a task for tests, Recruit the right persons, Present tasks one at a time and ask relevant questions, etc.
😊 Web-shop Reviews

It is associated with e-commerce sites where they are employed.

  • Importance – Assists the e-commerce sites to improve the quality of products and they know easily whether users are satisfied with the products or not.
  • Collection of Data – By reviews of products, comments on the products as well as via real chat
😊 Traditional Surveys

It is a popular way to collect data from the sources.

  • Process– The set of questions is sent to the required people and the response is fetched and shared among all the people.
  • Importance – Survey generate feedback data which is further used by some entities to make an important decision.


Looking at all the advantages feedback tools have to offer, it can be said that the work of a department does not end at providing the service. Rather the process of building a relationship with customers and preparing a customer base starts at the after-sales services where customer feedback app is an integral part of the whole process. A pioneer in its field, piHappiness will help you develop a customer feedback software that will also serve to be a customer happiness app. 

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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