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There has been a monotony in using the phrase “communication with customers” in customer experience conversation almost to the point of making it a cliché. Marketing professionals pay hardly any attention to customer experience, especially when it is about creating a meaningful difference within their brand analogy. What the businesses don’t realize is that customer is their main point of focus, and customer experience app are essential to understand the communication business is having with its customers. It has been observed that customer communication and customer feedback, are going wrong resulting in businesses faltering throughout the globe at several levels. Hence, they deserve immediate attention as that is the global key to unlocking the huge competitive potential of the enterprises.

When you start asking the right questions, you have taken the first step towards communication to the customer groups. If you put wrong questions, chances are you would as you neither have the experience nor the customer feedback software, there is maximum chance of you finding anything pathbreaking or something that would create a difference in your customer experience strategy. Customers are continuously talking to us through their actions, complaints, reviews, online activities, also in-store behavior – how they would feel also if their actions are getting met. To understand our customers, we need to have a list of “must-knows” to analyze customer feedback of sorting with help of data, or simply, in such a way that it doesn’t end up becoming completely confusing.

There is enough evidence that those companies that are unaware of customer experience as a decider to customer loyalty are not using the customer feedback application towards the improvement of what their brands offer. At best, the issue would end up towards developing brand messages that go high over the heads of the customers along with the money wasted on promotions. At worst, it could be a reason behind severe damage to a brand’s reputation and leave you as a low-grade player in the market. To put it in minimum words, poor customer experience awareness is a disaster in customer communications in our present era.

Questions that are specific to the customer feedback has to help in:

  1. Improving your products

Research indicates that almost 74% of the professionals engaged in customer experience have confirmed that one good customer feedback survey is the doorway to product innovations that are profitable. It comes down to seeking from the customers how the product changes, newer features to the brand, along with expanding of the range could help your brand/business to:

  • Remain a step ahead of the competition
  • Address all pain points at all the stages within the sales process
  • Open up new markets
  • Improve its usability
  • Reduce several touchpoints that exist between “attention” also “buying the brand”
  • Create better communication and customer engagement with the customer B2B designations at the interface of the product

For instance, some enterprising businesses are using online chat to receive compelling feedback from customers. Rather than waiting for your customers to lead your conversation, get access to AI chat buddies so that you can seek opinions about features and additions you have in your ideas. Initiate this discussion, you might get surprised at the kind of responses you receive. It’s a case where you are an “out of the box thinker” to live ahead of the group.

  1. Detecting all the touchpoint issues

Customer experience takes reliance on mapping out a certain journey through the complete process of buying, moving out, and in of the online connection – right through to the entire journey culminating to after-sales experience. Any miss at any touchpoint could push the customers away from the track you wish them to be in. It could even kill the sales forever. It is the sellers’ sole responsibility to realize the emotion of the customer and the thinking they have at each stage. The better the level of understanding, the better would your company be equipped to come out of obstacles along the way. The better your understanding is, the better is your company equipped at overcoming the obstacles through the journey. We would recommend that you create a list of questions that relate to your touchpoints. Receiving answers to these questions should be able to clear up all the uncertainty that would hinder the customers from going from one touchpoint to the next one, keeping no gaps in the process of customer experience.

  1. Get the customer communication so that you could drive sales

Building a close rapport is an important part of customer engagement. When you are able to turn customer responses along with their declared expectations into the brand benefits, customers putting across good feedback of you would do a good word of mouth publicity for you. In essence, it comes as the best natural promotion any brand could ask for. From that point, it is rather easy to request some real-time testimonials along with public recommendations. When one thinks about online credibility, a customer’s voice is a huge thing. From that point, it’s rather easy to request public recommendations and testimonials in real-time. When one thinks about online credibility, the voice of the customer goes really a long way. Your business team members need to take all the customer feedback rather seriously also recognize it as this ultimate avenue to make your brand and product meaningfully different. This would give your customer experience platform a substance that would be long-lasting and would create market value that brings a huge difference. By doing so, you would give substance to some of the customer experience software that would be long-lasting additionally create market value that is extraordinary. It has become the lifeblood of communication with the customers within every market viable.

  1. Build your employee morale to enhance performance

Customer feedback, most of the time, shows the employees and management what had worked and what did not within the promotional strategy of the company.

  • In case the reactions are good, it could be incredibly motivating when you know that contributions made a difference
  • On the reverse side, when certain things fail, deflation could bring down the employee morale in case poorly handed.
  • A culture where the employee experience centers on the learning you take from your mistakes should essentially keep things from going in the right direction, even when there is negative customer experience along with customer communication drives that are flawed.
  • Use those customer responses as one reason to receive better insights into the customers’ thoughts and emotions. See them as one springboard towards creating newer ideas plus actions that look into troubled touchpoints, by replacing them with better options that all customers deserve and expect.
  1. The measure of Customer Satisfaction

As we said earlier, the satisfied customers would likely recommend the brands they are happy with and would run down those that left them with a bad taste. So, they would never rely on guessing how positive your customers remain with you with the kind of customer experience journey you provide them. There are specific questions that go to the crux of the entire matter. The best out of these would be the NPS question: What is the likelihood of recommending this brand to others? Apart from whatever else is mentioned, this one is somewhat a bottom-lone question. Customer feedback surveys, when they are well thought out, would contain questions that while extracted as one subset, rank the customers as:

  • Brand promoters
  • Brand Detractors
  • Neutrals

Net Promoter Score outcomes would give customers a complete and rather clear understanding regarding how you could use the words of the customers in your favor or if you can’t. Directing the customer communications without any data metrics within this mix is like driving a car that has no steering wheel.

  1. Retain old customers while you look for newer prospects

The faster and with higher energy you respond to your customer feedback, the stronger would be your loyalty to the emerging brand. By using customer experience software, it is possible to identify those customer touchpoint pains that are most urgent. Understanding what they are is almost 90 percent of the battle. From this point, you could harness all your team resources towards resolving the issues with ease and with maximum impact. There’s absolutely no doubt that when a customer recognizes the efforts you made to listen to them and to quickly address any of the problems identified, it is rather a good recipe for building loyalty and trust.

  1. B2B issues

The notes, generally, could apply to both the B2B and B2C situations. B2B is specifically, a highly complicated challenge as communication with the customer influencers ultimately enters the equation. For instance, engineers who are working with the production area can hold a higher position over someone involved in new product introduction, plus marketing managers could easily swing representatives one way or another. Customer experience in the B2B arena rather frequently travel down several elements before they return to the mainstream, also emitting one could damage the sale completely.


Communicating with customer audiences in such a manner that would swing emotion and further steer action toward your brand is no simple task. By conducting random, feedback using some of the customer experience software is just on the surface and not enough. Train your complete team to remain inquisitive of the customer, asking the right questions at the exact right moments, both formal and informal. By listening and learning gives you numerous benefits, and you would collect answers that would help you on several fronts thereby creating loyal customers. Get to understand more about all people making all the buying decision along with those that influence it through asking feedback in every turn. In this way, you would have a customer-centric offer for your brand that creates a smooth path leveraging customer experience.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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