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In this ever-informed world of technology, everybody needs a space to vent out their experiences and their grievances. As a customer, if you use a new product or service, you will want to give the company your feedback. This not only helps the company to understand its customers but also solves any problem that the customer might have.

What is a Customer Feedback App?

A Customer Feedback App is a platform where customers can interact with companies. These apps allow the customers to state their experiences, queries or grievances. 

Why Do Companies Use The Customer Feedback App?

The companies use this app to reply to all these queries and solve the problems of their customers. At times they also use this app to better their services by understanding the opinions of their customers. This app allows the company to directly connect with its customers and look into their problems. It helps in bettering their business. Sometimes companies also encourage people to give their feedback so that it increases their name and popularity in a community.

Customer Feedback App: Expectation vs Reality

Using a Customer Feedback Software can prove to be the ideal way to solve all the problems of a customer. However, the expectations of a perfect feedback app are often shattered by its reality. Here are some instances when your expectations will not match the reality of using this particular app:

1. Waiting for Customer Feedback Answers

An ideal customer feedback app works on the principle of cooperation and understanding. Here the customers are supposed to give their feedback regarding a particular service or product and the companies are supposed to respond to their feedback. However, this is only an ideal case. In reality, most companies do not revert to this feedbacks. Most of the time, it is found that questions remain unanswered, queries remain unsolved and grievances are not looked into. The reality of the customer service app diminishes its usefulness. 

2. Inaction in Case of Queries

Sometimes, the companies do revert to the queries but they do not take any action about it. An ideal customer feedback app should not only provide the companies with feedback from the customers but also provide customers with a solution to their problems. In reality, however, it only happens in writing. Hardly any action is taken regarding a particular problem by the company. This inactivity dissolves the whole purpose of a feedback app.

3. Customers Forced to Provide Repeated Explanations

Another instance where the expectations of a customer feedback app differ from its reality is when customers are forced to reiterate their problems again and again. Ideally, single feedback from the customer should evoke a response and action from the company. However, in reality, a customer needs to explain his problems again and again before the company executives can solve it for them. 

4. There Is No Information Regarding Important Issues

 Ideally, when a person needs an urgent answer regarding a problem, he is supposed to use the customer feedback app. However, in reality, questions are not always answered by the companies. At times it becomes difficult to even contact the concerned authorities who could solve the problem. 

5. Multi-Channel Presence

There are certain instances where the feedback app performs better than our expectations. Nowadays, customers not only leave their feedback on the companies website but also their social media handles. A customer feedback app allows the company to respond to all the queries, on whichever channel it might be. One might only expect it to work just for the website but in reality, it covers all the social media handles of that company.

6. The Necessity of Feedback

A customer feedback app compels the customer to give their feedback after they have used the services of a company. It is better than the traditional method of writing reviews. A feedback app in reality also makes the customer suggest various improvements and share their reviews on the app itself. It is easily accessible by the company. This not only increases the expectations of the customers but takes the customer service of that company to a whole new level.

Using feedback or Customer Happiness App can improve the business prospects of a particular company. If the expectations of the customers are duly fulfilled, they are bound to be happy. This will boost the company’s name and business. 

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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