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Experts have stated that employee experience is equally important. This leads to better productivity of the employees in the workplace and also leads to higher retention. It is to provide a better experience to the employees; a good number of innovative ideas are being tried upon by the recruiters. But 2020 has some trendsetting predictions to display that is going to bring a vast change in the way how employees are going to feel at the workplace and how the recruiters are going to treat the employees. 

Here are some of the predictions that are trending currently. 

📝 Companies Will Collect Good and Bad Reviews: Collecting feedback about the company during the exit interview is a common practice in many of the companies. But here often the employees present good feedback because they fear that any negative comment may become a hindrance in their exit formalities. In this way, companies are not able to know their drawbacks and hence are not able to work upon it. 

There are a few of the sites that offer a platform to the ex-employees and even the current employees of different companies to put their honest feedback while keeping their names hidden. It is predicted that many of the companies will be a part of such platforms so that they can know the honest feedback of the employees and can work upon it so that they can offer a better experience to their current and future employees. 

👨‍💼 EX Will Lead to Better CX: It has been always noticed that when a person works in a happy environment, there is always better productivity in the result. Hence, if a company wishes to have the number of happy customers, it is important to make happy employees in the company. 

Thus, more emphasis will be there in having different strategies to heighten employee experience so that they can be happy and can bring out the best in them. So, when the employees are excited to work, the customers will be also happy with the products and the services of the company. 

👨‍💼 EX is Not Just About the Policies: There have always been new innovative ideas leaping out from the HR desk for better employee engagement. But it is not just about the HR policies and strategies that can provide a great experience to the employees. There are a number of factors that can come together to make an employee happy. This can be by designing the workspace in a different way, or by offering some financial treats from time to time, or even by offering IT facilities to the employees. A combination of all of them will be expected in the year 2020 and ahead in order to provide the best experience to the employees. 

More Transparency: One of the major predictions for EX this year is a higher amount of transparency. A larger number of companies are looking towards offering salary transparency during recruitment so that candidates can join the firm with confidence and then can have a great experience at work. Not just salary transparency, but the concept of transparency is being used in different areas also today such as appraisals and others to make the employee feel better and work better.

💻 Introduction of AI: This may seem to be a strange thing but artificial intelligence will be the new element of 2020 and ahead years to make things easier and faster for EX too. In order to create a team of similar members from different departments, you may have to do a lot of homework such as checking out the details of different employees manually and so on. But with the integration of artificial intelligence, this can be done in a much faster and a much better way, and without making the employees uncomfortable through questions. This is just the beginning, AI has a wide number of innovative trends to unfold ahead.

💼 Taking the Agile Model: Life is moving fast and also with so many responsibilities, there is no scope for backlogging in anything. If a strategy has been proposed, it is important to implement it at the earliest so that it is not left behind. Maximum of the times, delay happens due to the involvement of many different departments. Taking the agile move can help the HR experts in getting the task accomplished faster and that also without much disturbing the staff of other departments. 

💼 Flexibility in Working: Companies are seen today offering the flexibility of working to their employees. There are some companies that are offering flexibility in the hours of the office timing while some companies also offer work from home options once in a while. Such flexible work timing will be seen more in the upcoming years. This is because it is understood now that employee experience is not just about facilities and salaries. It is also about suitable work timing and the environment. 

😊 Staying in Good Touch With the Ex-Employees: This is something new that many of the companies will be trying to do in 2020 and in the coming years. Having a good connection with the ex-employees and keeping track of them from time to time can benefit in a number of ways such as retaining them at the right time. 

The Human Resource team sets a good number of strategies to keep the motivation level of the employees high. But apart from the employee engagement programs, there are also other things that can help in offering a good experience to the employees. Above are mentioned some of the common predictions that the companies may own in 2020 and in the future. 

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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