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What Customer Feedback Can Reveal About Employee Experience Gaps?

Getting customer feedback on a regular basis and monitoring it properly not just helps in carving the products and services better. It also helps in solving many organizational issues such as employee experience gaps.  A universal fact as per the Six laws of customer experience is, “Unengaged employees don’t create engaged customers.” As per this […]...
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How Companies Will Offer a Better EX in 2020?

Experts have stated that employee experience is equally important. This leads to better productivity of the employees in the workplace and also leads to higher retention. It is to provide a better experience to the employees; a good number of innovative ideas are being tried upon by the recruiters. But 2020 has some trendsetting predictions […]...
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Employee Experience Softwares to Track Your Team’s Engagement

Retaining the employees is one of the toughest tasks today due to a huge number of factors such as work pressure, peer pressure, work culture, and others. You may think that you are offering the best for your employees but they might not be on the same page. There are different HR policies developing every […]...
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