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What is expected of the employee experience (EX) during and after 2022? We have asked team of experience management (XM) researchers and scientists and the experts at employee experience to predict the challenges plus the opportunities for 2022 and beyond. Let us check the predictions.  

Expect the exodus of female leadership  

There has been a great number of resignations observed by the senior leaders who are totally burned out from and are leaving after two long years of over-exhaustive emotional turmoil owing to Covid.  

Certain researchers have found that the overall intent of the women to stay in the job went down by 8 points since 2021. There has been further drop in female leaders of the leader’s intent, almost by 21 points.  

And still, there would be organizations that are attracting and retaining greater numbers of female leaders in the years to come. Employee Feedback software have come a good way today help understand this parameter. 

Business critical aspect for enterprises would be employee well-being  

In 2022, there would be huge cultural shift in the way leaders build greater employee awareness well-being also create space for the well-being of those. Senior leaders would begin to accept employee’s abundance as one business priority, not simply a priority for the HR team.  

The central point to this point would be organizations understanding burnouts that are work-induced where the well-being couldn’t be addressed with a mere quick fix, like that of a bonus day or that of a wellness app. It would require an in-depth, introspective look at our culture also what prices require to be changed to keep your employees well for a long time.  

Hybrid work will stay here for long – and employees are looking for enhanced digital experience 

Organizations looking to get their hybrid model working perfectly must create world-class digital experiences that help both personal collaboration and at digital plane. Understanding the full potential of one hybrid model would need leaders to adopt fresh mindsets, so that it could define working and behavioural also working norms, also to engage in both-way dialogue with the employees while they navigate this kind of change. Researchers and IT thinks tanks are worked on the employee experience software to create a more conducive environment for the employees to provide their insights.  

There would be no acceptance on progress that lacks diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging 

As social justice is brought to the forefront, many businesses/organizations made public diversity, belonging, inclusion, and equity promises, yet more needs to be taken care of. What’s good is that employee perceptions on the said efforts have been better with each passing year. Employees will recognize also appreciate the efforts businesses have made over the last two years. The challenge would be sustaining the efforts also making sure that the focus on these experiences isn’t temporary.  

In the year 2022, diversity, inclusion, equity and belonging must be the core competence of for any organization’s program on employee listening. Successful businesses would listen to what their people would be telling them and then act. 

Customer experience and employee experience would collide like never before brining implications for the bottom line 

The shortage of labour at the frontline would continue having a global impact, mainly in the U.S. where the employees are saying no to poor conditions at work and roles at low wage. Indeed, those workers who would keep things profitable and working during the pandemic were the forerunners of employee experience (EX) also customer experience (CX).  

In 2022, the labour shortage would force organizations that they scrutinize to consider closely at the cross-section of their experience data. (The hint is- your employees what all your customers already possess, experiences at consumer grade).  

Employees would re-define plus re-prioritize the relations they share with work  

Many people experienced deep pondering during the Covid waves, making huge change in their definitions of what would be the exact perception of success and how the dynamics around life are changing causing impacts that are long lasting on the psychological contracts between the two parties- employers and employees.  

In 2002, employees would want fundamental restructuring on how they spend their time plus bring down the relation they share with work, so that work -life balance is created accommodating their new priorities.  

Information technology and human resources will team up like never before  

As the two highest priority departments that impacts the EX in a hybrid o remote world, HR and IT would have to throw out the older version of the playbook and never ever look back. Employees currently are rather impressed by the current offices’ experiences enabled by IT. In order to improve EX, the HR managers and IT would work at tandem to design the digitized workspace experience.  

These once upon a time siloed departments would increasingly focus on job enablement to support newer modes of working and building a sizable bridge so that new talents can be retained and attracted.  

Businesses would grapple having hybrid equity at workspace  

As all enterprises would bring employees to their site, leaders would find it is harder to maintain the level-playing field that occurred naturally while everyone showed up as one square in video call.  

In 2022, there would be people in the room also dialing from home for most of the meetings. Forward thinking businesses would measure, optimize, further upgrade their technology so that more collaborative and exclusive work ex could be created for everyone. Many would also default certain activities like meetings, events, to the remote-first unless each participant remains physically present.  

Begin investigating in Great Reenergizing  

Many people would have left during pandemic, while many decided to fight it out. Businesses would need to re-energize and probably re-onboard also re-skill their complete workforce to make their people happy plus engaged.  

Plenty of jobs and careers of employees tanked around 2021 and 2022, and some went up the curve. Revitalizing your workforce would take listening to, meeting, plus understanding all the people exactly where they exist.  

Employees would come completely to work alternately find elsewhere where they could work with complete attention  

Asking employees that they check their personal problems at their doorstep wouldn’t work any further. People wish to feel safe so that they can come to work. They are looking forward to reviving the old corporate working culture. Forward thinking businesses would accommodate this shift and demonstrate greater empathy for their family time plus overall health – understanding these things are last worries for employees and most of them aren’t any longer willing to sacrifice their jobs.  

To Conclude  

A lot is happening at the global front. A new variant of Covid, Russia Ukraine war, certain uncertainties regarding the global movements and roles of different nations in ending the war are just a few that have loomed over the surface. In such a condition, employee experience software would enable businesses take a completely new dimension on employee satisfaction and feedback especially when the offices are contemplating on reopening their sites. There would be a complete overhaul at the employee experience in 2022, 10 of which we brought together in this blog.  

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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