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The customer experience does play a prominent role for the success of a business. In simpler terms, the customer experience can be defined as how well a business succeeded in meeting the expectations of the consumers. With increasing competition across various businesses, it becomes utmost important to deliver excellent customer experience so as to emerge successful in the competition. There is always a challenge to meet the expectations of the customers. By effective identification and resolution of the issues, you are sure to gain the confidence of the old as well as new customers. It is here the customer experience software plays a prominent role. The software helps businesses capture feedback from the customers and offer actionable insights.

Why Customer Experience Matters?

In today’s competitive environment, the role of customer experience forms an important component of successful business. If a customer is unhappy with a brand/product he never visits again. There is plenty of options for the customers to pick alternative options. Hence, it is critical to keep your customers satisfied all the time. A satisfied customer not only loves to visit again but also spreads a positive word of mouth about a product/service. It is the most powerful form of free advertising which brings in a number of new customers. 

Real-time Feedback Assists in Devising Customer Experience Management Strategies

Real-time customer feedback gives valuable customer insights related to a product/service. Having complete knowledge of the customer interactions, businesses can create and deliver personalised experiences that not only attracts customers but also let them stay loyal to the brand. This way, businesses can devise customer experience management strategies to enhance customer satisfaction.

Role of Customer Experience Surveys

The customer experience surveys capture the emotion of customer experience from the minute they thought of your brand and later returning as a customer. The surveys let you keep a close watch on the opinion of the customers about your brand during every single interaction. Lets check in brief about the role of customer experience surveys for the success of business and organisations.

Assists in Customer Retention: A happy and satisfied customer is more likely to return and make repeat purchases. By constant tracking of the customer journey, you can very well assess whether the product succeeded in meeting the customer expectations. You can implement the changes as gathered from the feedback and ensure that your business does not lose valuable customers.

Helps in Making Informed Decisions: Customer feedback captured using experience surveys is a valuable resource for any business/organisation. Businesses can leverage the feedback data for smooth functioning as well as to make informed decisions.

How piHappiness Help You Deliver Excellent Customer Experience?

piHappiness customer feedback app constitutes an effective means to capture customer satisfaction. The advanced feedback system captures real-time customer insights and lets you know the pulse of every customer. Armed with multi-platform compatibility, multi-location management, multi-lingual support, the platform is the go-to option when it comes to capturing critical customer insights. 

Features that Help Deliver an Impactful Customer Experience

Tab and Web-Logins: piHappiness customer experience software is compatible with multiple devices that include Android tablets, iPads, automated Kiosks and web surveys. 

Multi-Lingual Support: piHappiness customer experience software has multi-lingual support thereby making it easy for users from diverse geographies to complete the registration process in their desired language. The feedback platform supports more than 90 languages.

Custom Demographic Reports: piHappiness captures all the customer details that include age, gender and so on. Apart from this, piHappiness also let you know additional information such as nationality, religion, income group and so on. 

Net Promoter Score® (NPS): piHappiness employ Net Promoter Score® for a key measure of customer’s overall perception of the brand. It features an open-ended question and lets you know the customers satisfaction and willingness to promote the product. 

Real-time Customer Feedback: piHappiness lets you capture real-time feedback via multiple devices that include Android tablets, iPads, and automated kiosks. With real-time notifications, the customer feedback software sends instant notifications via Email/SMS and alerts the management/owner in case of negative feedback. 

Instant Resolution of Issues: In case of low-rating feedback, the management/owner can escalate the feedback to the relevant teams. You can then assign tasks based on the feedback to the teams and ensure effective resolution of issues before the customer leaves the premises. It not only accounts for positive customer experience, but also leads to customer retention and increased engagement.

Effective Team Management: piHappiness features multi-location management and helps easily compare customer happiness and satisfaction levels across various locations. The app thereby helps teams of multiple locations  collaborate better for effective resolution of customer issues.  

Detailed Reports: piHappiness captures and stores all the customer feedback data in the cloud. Hence, it enables businesses to keep a close watch on customer happiness and satisfaction levels over a custom time period. The reports are customisable and can be downloaded in various forms that include pie charts, bar diagrams, graphs and tables. In addition, they feature multiple export options like CSV, Excel, and PDF for your convenience.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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