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A successful business depends on two important criteria such as customer trust and loyalty. But to earn the trust of customers and establish a long-term brand is not that easy. It is believed that customer retention takes much effort than acquiring new customers. Apart from it, a satisfied customer would recommend the business to a friend/colleague and become a source of word of mouth advertising. Hence it leads to the generation of new customers and contributes to the overall growth of the business. So, building customer trust is a worthy investment for any business.

piHappiness is the best customer feedback app available for businesses. The feedback software captures the feedback of customers and gives critical customer insights. Real-time notifications is an important feature of piHappiness and alert the management in case of negative customer feedback. The customer feedback system sends real-time alerts via Email and SMS. The businesses can explore the flaws of the product/service from the customer feedback and take necessary action to resolve the issues. The timely intervention of the customer feedback and resolution of issues lets customers know that you value their opinion. This, in turn, leads to increased customer engagement and loyalty. Let’s check how piHappiness helps various industries/businesses to enhance customer experience and foster long-term customer loyalty.

piHappiness Retail Feedback System Helps Improve Products and Services

piHappiness captures feedback from walk-in customers and offers a measure of customer satisfaction. The feedback app can be used to capture core insights of the customers who are visiting the retail stores, outlets, shops, supermarkets and malls present at various locations. The feedback app captures critical customer insights through multiple channels such as Android tablets, iPads, Automated Kiosks, and Web surveys. The captured feedback helps know the shopper trends and enhances the shopper’s experience. piHappiness retail feedback app captures real-time customer feedback and enables businesses to resolve issues instantly before the customer leaves the premises. It creates a sense of trust and satisfaction among the customers.

piHappiness for Enhanced Student Learning

Students feedback helps enhance student learning and improve education outcomes. The dynamic and customisable questionnaires of piHappiness helps create custom student satisfaction surveys to gather feedback from the students on various aspects. piHappiness also lets you run informational videos and promotional campaigns on Kiosks. The feedback system lets you find the root cause of student confusion and helps tutors to implement the right strategies to increase the learning experience. With multi-location management, it is quite easy to compare students feedback across various schools, colleges, universities that are present in multiple locations. You can also employ automated Kiosks at various feedback points in the premises and capture feedback. One-click student feedback surveys can be used to know the pulse of each responder using iOS and Android devices.

piHappiness Feedback System for Better Management of Events & Expos

piHappiness event feedback app captures the feedback of participants/audience in tradeshows, conferences, seminars, and other networking events. Event and expo feedback is important for any event planner or organiser. The feedback offers complete details of what went right and what went wrong during the event. When it comes to events feedback, it is captured primarily in three stages; pre-event, mid-event and post-event feedback. Pre-event feedback helps drive the development of the event. Mid-event feedback helps keep an eye on the live pulse of the event and foster attendee engagement. Post-event feedback lets you know the success of the event and can be used to plan strategies for the next event. piHappiness event feedback app can be used to capture vital attendee insights during various stages of the event. The software features customisable reports, inbuilt analytics and offers important attendee insights concerning the event.

piHappiness Patient Feedback System for Improving the Quality of Care

Patient feedback can be used as a systematic approach to improve healthcare services. The appropriate measure of the patient experience from time to time is important for improving healthcare. Apart from it,  patient feedback can be used to enhance the quality of care, identify gaps in healthcare, boost patient engagement and ultimately improves the patient experience. It thereby leads to increased patient engagement and patient retention. piHappiness patient feedback system can be employed to capture feedback in hospitals/healthcare organisations, healthcare clinics, pharmacies and diagnostic labs. The feedback response rates are comparatively higher with  customer feedback systems as compared to paper feedback forms.

piHappiness Restaurant Feedback System for Reduced Customer Churn

If you own a restaurant, it is important to satisfy the customer needs and enhance brand loyalty. You can offer the best possible customer service, only when you are well aware of customer insights/opinion about your service. The feedback offers valuable inputs and lets you know the key areas of your business that need improvement. piHappiness restaurant feedback app helps capture instant customer feedback from restaurants, cafes, takeaway joints, cafeterias, delivery restaurants, dining outlets and more. The feedback app lets you design restaurant surveys related to various aspects such as performance of waiters, staff, and management. The real-time notifications send instant alerts to the owners/management via Email and SMS. Hence, they can resolve customer issues before they leave the premises and reduce customer churn.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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