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When it is about calculating insights, there are so many software options that companies are making use of today. But two of the most common methods that are really helpful are NPS and CSAT systems. In one instance, both of them seem to be very much similar in terms of their features and objectives. 

But though both are simple to use and highly insightful, there are certain differences that make both the methods distant from each other. Both of them have their pros and cons and hence selecting one to be the best can get really difficult at times. 

Predicting Loyalty

There can be a number of times when the customer must have offered great scores on the CSAT tool but the next very day must have canceled the subscription too. This means the customer was happy with the service but he or she was not ready to be a loyal customer of the brand. On the other hand, NPS surveys check out whether the person is likely to recommend the product or the brand to others or not. If the customer is satisfied to the highest extent, then only he or she will think of recommending others. The system helps in knowing the customer loyalty in a much more insightful way. 

More Specific

When asked about specific models, CSAT surveys are known to gain many specific answers. Through NPS, you will be able to take suggestions about the quality or will be able to ask whether the customers will recommend the brand or not. But in the case of the CSAT, there are very straightforward questions asked just after a purchase is made or just after an interaction is done. The questions are generally pointwise and hence customers are able to answer accurately and hence the insights collected are highly accurate and insightful based on which further actions can be taken to improve upon the customer service and quality of the company.

Interacting with Everyone

Generally, when you are just dealing with the CSAT software, it surveys only those customers who have interacted with the customer service or who had an issue with something. But there are other customers who are already happy with the service and so on. These often go out of range of the CSAT and hence the survey remains incomplete. On the other hand, NPS is about surveying all the customers who have come up to you. This can be a customer who was happy with the service and also someone who went empty-handed without taking any service. Surveying all types of customers offers a better view of the satisfaction factor. 

Regular Checks

How do you know whether the customer who was happy 6 months back is still loyal to your brand or not? You can only know about his or her experience when the person takes your service once again, in case of using CSAT. When you have an integrated NPS system, the surveys are sent to the existing customers almost every quarter. There are many companies that send promotional or festive messages or emails along with these surveys to impress the customers and get a survey done.  This is helpful in knowing about the customer and is also helpful in reminding the customers about you so that they may land up buying products and services from you. 

The Better One

Both methods are seen to have advantages and disadvantages. It will be really unfair to check on just one method in such a case. But when it is about comparing, it can be said that the options of NPS software have been offering great insight. But of course, when a combination of both NPS and CSAT is used, nothing is better than this. 


Selecting one from both the crucial methods can be a bit difficult. But of course, it has been found that the NPS has a much upper hand on CSAT. Of course, on the other hand, a combination of both offers a much higher result than the single use of both. piHappiness has been offering a great range of customer service options to the companies for great results. Contact us to get the best software options that can help you in yielding the best results to improve the business. 

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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