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Are you planning to launch a new product or service? Have you ever asked yourself, what is the difference between a business that is successful from one that is unsuccessful? Businesses that are successful use the Voice of Customer (VoC) analytics to gather an understanding of their customer. They are extremely attentive to customer feedback and use the software as well to gather information about the customer. Successful businesses are aware that business metrics like customer churn and revenue give only partial information. To provide the best quality products or services that can only be introduced into the market, it’s imperative to understand customer perspective well.  

If you are a business looking to strike a good deal and for a long time, you have to listen to what your customers say.  A business run from a customer perspective ends up in higher customer retention and greater sales. That is the precise reason why you need to figure out:  

  • What does your business mean to your customers? 
  • Why would they at all need you? 
  • What is there with you to help your customers? 
  • What are your customer’s precise requirements? 

A Voice of Customer (VoC) using a customer feedback app can help you develop a good perspective of what your customer needs and how to cater to them. Almost all successful businesses study VoC so that they can understand the gap that exists between what customers expect and what customers receive from their business.  

VoC is absolutely essential for business development applications like customer success, product development, and operations. Businesses understand the significance of research to identify and further improve every stage of the customer’s journey first by seeking customer feedback and then working together to develop their upcoming services and products.  

The best use of customer feedback software comes in increasing customer retention plus creating a huge number of customer advocates. However, the main question is- what are the requirements for creating customer feedback software with survey patterns that work best for you?  

Your survey questionnaire needs to ask this question – why is there an increasing customer churn for any given product for the last one or more quarter? Or, how do your customers feel about that recent product launched?  

Get your business a survey provider or dedicated customer feedback application to collect customer information. 

Any good business would ensure before launching a new product or service the following things:  

  • A survey that assesses its customer’s needs before development has happened. 
  • A survey that tests the new product and services on some sample customers before it is launched in the market.  
  • Once the business markets its new product, a survey that measures customer satisfaction.  

If you want to successfully develop a new product, you would have to make sure it meets the needs of your target customers. The first survey hence gets conducted on every new product before the product is actually launched.  

If you constantly measure the level of customer satisfaction and use a customer feedback system to better understand your customer, not only would your new product survey be successful, your business would also have a consistent level of dealing. This is also a tested way of customer retention and preventing customer churn.  

This may not be the case always. To understand what your customer needs better, a few sample questions that you need to ask your customer to assess their needs: 

  • What are you looking for in the product? 
  • What are your main interests? 
  • Why do you prefer our brand compared to others? 
  • What do you think is our main strength?  
  • Which products and features are you most interested in? 
  • What is your average family budget? 
  • What are your primary needs?  
  • What is your annual family budget?  
  • What is the first thing you look for while choosing a product?  

Understand how VoC impacts business 

A popular study where the research was on how strong customer experience improves your sales and ultimately brand value found 94% of the consumers stating they would buy from brands with very good customer experience.  

But, without figuring out how your customers feel about your new or existing product or service, offering a strong customer experience isn’t possible. Customer feedback apps are actually the tested way to connect plus engage with customers at every touch-point. This actually helps you:  

  • Identify brand crises or spot early warnings 
  • Customize your offers to meet the requirements of your customers 
  • Decrease customer churn 
  • Serve all your customers with what they really want 

By reaching out to the customers using VoC is an effective strategy. Using a successful method will help the receive insights that enable you to understand customer complaints, preferences, and concerns. Before picking on a method or a technique, you first need to create an outline question and your core objective for the product or service you are going to introduce. If you start gathering data at random, without a strategy or objective, you will never know how to use your customer inputs to better your business.  

The customer feedback application can contain questions related to previous trends, metrics, and behaviors of new customers. You need to understand customer behavior using some customized questions to your customers. Simultaneously, you need to ask yourselves some questions to understand where exactly you stand, and what changes you need to do.  

  • In case there hasn’t been repeat purchase of a given product or a drop has been observed from the previous quarter, you need to ask what needs to be improved or changed. 
  • What can you do to increase the loyalty of your customers? 

While these are only a few parameters to understand your customers better, and to gather what to do to maintain their brand loyalty towards you, the best method of understanding whether a new product or service can do well is by customer survey. The more customized your survey would be, the better results you will find. In the end, what matters is how well you have understood your customer requirements and been able to handle customer demands. A happy customer brings you 10 more. Moreover, one customer retained is equal to 5 new customer acquired in business. In terms of understanding whether a new product launch would be profitable, you need to leverage customer feedback software to gauge customer pulse accurately.  

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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