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If you wish to understand your business and its progress well, you need to understand that your customers as the most valuable information source when it is regarding a user experience and product design. Always ask the experts the following question:  

The first question you need to ask is – What is that one method you use to get high-quality customer feedback?  

Always Follow Up  

Most of the people readily provide reviews that would help a business grow. When asked nicely, usually with a follow-up email after completing a service, it works rather well to generate reviews.  

Utilize the services of Net Promoter Score 

The NPS scale that asks the customer, on a scale of 1 to 10, what is the likelihood of your customer recommending your product or service or company to their colleagues and friends? You could follow up with why did you rate us the way did? This feature is extremely measurable and actionable, and it allows you to compare how your performance would be over time.  

Ask your customers often  

Ask frequently and the right kind of questions. Remind your customers about the ability of leaving reviews across multiple platforms and several times during their client interaction. For instance, we send email reminders for their feedback after each of the tutoring feedback. There are several customer feedback apps that can provide you with apt questions for survey.  

Send frequent emails 

This is one of the most obvious options, however, is often overlooked as there are more recent and convenient options like social media. As the customer is communicating one-on-one, it is less likely that they would provide quality feedback on social media and higher likelihood of giving quality feedback on emails.  

Seek the good and what is bad 

Out of every customer that experiences your product/service must receive a survey in the end. I comprehensive survey would tell you what your customers liked and what they didn’t. It is best for your company to understand what is getting appreciated and what isn’t. Customer feedback tools are the best today to provide you with right insights. 

Receive feedback on third party sites.  

These sites email or call customers to receive a thorough feedback and publish it online. They make sure the feedback received is of high quality and authentic. Third party publishing customer feedback online enables prospective customers to read them. Better off, get some video testimonials of your customers.  

Make connections with your key customers 

Conduct both one-on-one and focus group executive briefings for all your key customers. Some businesses host their over banquet parties so as to build enough dialogue plus trust. This helps in cutting through superficial feedback and clearly understand how your business could serve your customers better.  

Use surveys that are anonymous  

We as businesses tend to keep away from social media for our user feedback. It generally doesn’t give us the metrics that helps in improving our business operations and it could be an easy platform for customers who are highly vocal but not that helpful or provide constructive feedback. With the help of feedback surveys that ask specific questions has worked great ways in improving feedback loop and allows your business to improve customer experience in a much better way.  

Always ask right questions 

It’s important for businesses to receive honest and helpful feedback from their customers, but you would have to pose all right questions. It is important for your business to understand that what you are doing is correct and you could improve. You could address specific questions through your emails, social media and phone conversations. Ask your customers what they specifically don’t like or do like about your services and products. There are customer feedback tools that provide the option of creating customized questionnaire that businesses can ask.  

Train the customer service team to have one open dialogue  

All businesses train their customer service team to have open dialogue for all their incoming calls with their customers. This allows the businesses to receive raw feedback unfiltered that helps in improving your product.  

Work on your team to remain active across all touchpoints for receiving feedback 

The best method of receiving customer feedback is to place kiosks around all key touch points in your store or business unit and ask your team to remain active around these corners to receive prompt feedback from them.  


There are several types of feedback surveys available in the market that helps in building constructive customer feedback and leveraging that to create a better business around. Take the help of these 11 methods of gathering feedback that too of high quality could help you in receiving specific customer insights and help you gain traction to create better business. There are several experts customer feedback app makers in the market today that can provide the right kind of customer feedback solutions.  


Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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