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Are you presently involved in the development of a new service or product? You could try developing the voice of your customer in your development cycle. This article provides three examples of customer feedback surveys to make sure that you have a successful launching of your product:  

  • A survey that can assess the needs of your target customers before reaching the development phase.  
  • A survey that tests your new service and product on a panel of customers before you have marketed it.  
  • Once you have marketed the new product, a survey would be conducted to measure the level of customer satisfaction with the product bought.  

A survey that can assess the needs of your target customer:  

You wish to develop a new kind of service or product, and you need to make sure that it meets the needs of your target customers. This is the first step towards gauging the customer’s happiness index. The first-ever survey use case for any new case for a fresh new product hence takes place prior to the actual launch.  

If you measure the level of customer satisfaction on a regular basis and make use of the surveys to enrich your knowledge of the customer, then you don’t essentially need to create a specific survey for assessing their needs. You may hence, already know their expectations and needs as clearly as you know about your products or services and how it serves.  

However, in case that is not the case and you are not actually familiar with the needs of your customers, then we would strongly recommend creating a kind of survey so that their needs are better understood. This would help you gear up the development of your new service or product in the proper direction.  

Some sample questions that can assess the needs of your customers:  

There will be some sample questions given to you, however, they will depend on what kind of business you do and the types of product or service you would like to develop. These examples will hence simply look at giving you some pointers plus ideas when you write your own questions. Here are some simple examples that could help you to qualify the expectations and needs of your customers:  

  • What do you seek on our website? 
  • What kind of interests do you have? 
  • Why did you pick our brand when there were others as well?  
  • What do you think is our main strength? 
  • Which are the product families you find the maximum interest in? 
  • What do you opine to be our core strengths?  
  • Which product families do you find maximum interest in?  
  • Which portion of our offer caught maximum attention?  
  • What kind of average budget do you keep for the product family?  
  • What are the main challenges you face today?  
  • What are the main criteria while buying the service or product?  
  • What are the primary needs when it comes to family services and products? 
  • When you are buying a product, how do you decide the difference between a good and a bad one?  
  • What are the main motivations while using the product or service?  

A Survey that Assesses Your New Service or Product 

You have brought in a new service or product. The next step would be to test that on all your customers or a group of pilot testers so that:  

  • Verify that your freshly developed product/service has met the expectations of your users 
  • Identify those areas that need improvement to your service and the product it gets marketed.  
  • Gather all suggestions from your users or target customers so that you can improve your product/service.  

Some sample questions for testing your product on your users:  

You have built a new service or product. The following step would be tested on your customers or even a group of pilot users so that:  

  • You could verify that your new service or product meets the user’s expectations. 
  • Identify those areas that need improvement to your service or product before you go ahead and market it.  
  • Gather all suggestions from your target customers or your users so that you could improve your new service or product.  
  • Gather suggestions from that of your target customers so that you can improve your new service/product 

A few instances of customer feedback questions that you could ask so that you could test your product on your users:  

  • What was your first reaction to the product? 
  • Measuring on a scale of 0 and 10, how would the rating be about the innovative nature of this product? 
  • How would you want to rate the quality of our product? 
  • How much would you rate the packaging of the product?  
  • Does this product meet your requirement?  
  • What best do you like about the new product? 
  • If we showcased this product on the market, how much would be the likelihood of you buying it? 
  • What is the likelihood of you changing your existing product to a new product?  
  • What is the likelihood of you recommending our new product to others?  
  • Can you come up with any suggestions to enable us to better our new product?  

A survey that communicates about the launch of a new service or product:  

You now have reached a new level and your product is now going on sale. You would want to know about your customer’s satisfaction level with this new product. How would you do it? Build one customer feedback survey and set it to the users who have bought your product. For instance, the survey could easily get deployed through email to all your customers buying the product after some days of use, or even after some days of delivery or in-store purchase.  

Some sample questions for your customer feedback survey:  

The point is to keep the portion short, as you could use plenty of questions from the survey of product testing. Some five additional instances so that you have more ideas:  

  • What is the best adjective you feel best describes your product?  
  • What do you feel about the value for money for your product? 
  • How much satisfied are you overall with this product?  
  • How would your ratings be of our new products compared to our competitors?  

If you are able to place the survey questions in order and properly, you will receive a lot of insights regarding the product using the pattern we just suggested in the customer feedback survey. There is an innumerable customer survey app that comes intrinsically laced with questions to enable the customer to better understanding your new product or service. This not only gives you the indication of the happiness index of your customer, but it also helps you guide how to bet better at your work in terms of making the maximum out of a new launch.  

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

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