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How To Collect Customer Feedback via Business Text Messages

Business text messages are an effective method to capture consumer feedback about your services or products, customer care, and general brand experience. On average, most surveys obtain a response rate of just 10-15%. However, SMS messages are much better as 98% of them are opened and their response rate is as high as 80% as per a market research report. In comparison, the marketing email’s open rate is just 20% and the response rate a mere 6%. 

Therefore, it makes sense for your company to invest in a quality customer feedback app to conduct SMS surveys among your customers. In this article, we give you useful tips on how to take advantage of impressive SMS engagement rates to effectively collect customer feedback through this channel. 

Send Timely Surveys during the Buying Journey: About 20% of customers click text message links and you should utilize this stat efficiently. Get swift feedback on services or recent purchases after getting consumers to subscribe to your texting service. Make them interested in publicizing benefits like customer support, delivery notification, etc. Keep your SMS surveys short and simple as a majority of consumers will abandon a long and complicated survey. Shorter text surveys can gain you better completion rates. 

Ask for Feedback after a Support Session: As your customer has opted in for text message chats with your support team, you can ask them for feedback about the quality of service received after a session. Deliver your request immediately after the session is completed, so that they have the experience top of their mind.  

Send an NPS (Net Promoter Score) Survey: Use your customer feedback software to deliver a broader NPS survey sometime after the customer care experience or product purchase. NPS surveys are short and ask just one question which is how willing are you to recommend our brand to a contact. You also have the option of adding an open-ended query to garner general feedback. As NPS surveys are brief, they earn response rates as high as 30-40%. 

Maintain a Professional Tone: SMS feedback is great because customers can send their replies on the go. However, you should still maintain a professional approach just like in email surveys. Utilize a quality customer happiness software solution and best practices to create and deliver your text surveys. Include branding elements and mention your company’s name in the SMS message to reinforce which firm is asking for feedback. 

Remain positive even if the respondent says no to your request. Thank them for their interest in your company. Carefully proofread your survey and correct mistakes in syntax, grammar, and spelling. Provide accurate information in the feedback request. You can make the process easier for future use by creating templates from approved texts. In this way, you can produce survey templates for order delivery, support call, NPS survey, etc. that your team members can use easily in the future and save valuable time. 

Ensure Consistency by Automating or Scheduling SMS Surveys: To consistently capture consumer feedback, you need to schedule or automate your SMS surveys. A good customer feedback app can provide this facility. Schedule to deliver feedback requests about support sessions immediately and arrange to send an NPS survey after two weeks. Simply select a date, schedule the survey template, and ensure it has customized information. 

The customer feedback software can also help you to automate your text surveys to eliminate manual tasks and make the process more efficient. The solution can help you send trigger-based feedback requests. For instance, if a customer opts into the list, the platform can automatically send them a personalized NPS survey after some time to garner feedback. After the consumer responds to the survey, the application will send another automated message thanking them for their care and effort, thereby creating a positive brand experience for the customer. 

Utilize Reporting Features to Glean Insights: A good customer happiness software solution will also help you to analyze the collected feedback. It will enable you to log or export the results into your reporting platform or a spreadsheet to save you a lot of time in assessing the survey results. You can compare the open rates for your SMS surveys with those of feedback surveys via other channels. Further, you can measure how often and how quickly you are obtaining feedback, and compare these stats with your web-based and email survey results. 

Helps to Meet Your Goals: SMS surveys can boost your company’s communication process and help to achieve your customer success, operational, logistical, and sales goals. Text surveys are ideal for today’s fast-paced age, where people have short attention spans. In addition, they want to use multiple touchpoints to engage with brands. Since mobile phones are ubiquitous, it makes sense for your firm to collect consumer feedback through short and effective SMS surveys. 

Easy and Cost-Efficient Method: It is a cost-effective and easy method to use bulk business SMS to garner client feedback. Text messages are cheap and fast to send. Plus, recipients can read and respond to them in seconds. For these reasons, SMS messages have a very high open rate and most people like to read the text messages they receive within a few minutes. 

In short, business text messages are a great channel to conduct your feedback surveys compared to other methods because of the numerous advantages it offers as enumerated in this article.

piHappiness is an effective Customer Feedback App in Dubai that your company can use to conduct SMS and other surveys. Our software is feature-packed and can help you collect and analyze feedback easily and efficiently.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

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