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As man is a social creature, the vast majority of the things that we consume depend on what others like and suggest to us. 

That’s exactly why today influencer marketing to a great extent is popular. The majority of customers today trust the words of their friends and well-wishers more than the endorsement of big celebrities.  

And thus, for such reasons today getting more reviews, case studies, and customer testimonials have become more significant in the event that you are hoping to gain the trust of your likely clients. 

With the assistance of Net Promoter Score, you will easily find people who are willing to say a couple of nice words about you.  

What is a Net Promoter Score?  

Net Promoter Score is a well-known business metric to measure customer loyalty to a product, service, or brand. The metric is based on a simple survey that asks the customers their likeliness to recommend a business to others.   

The ultimate question of an NPS study is: On a size of 0 to 10, how probably would you suggest our products and services to your friends and colleagues?   

Customers who responded 9 and 10 are the most satisfied customers and are called promoters. These are individuals who are probably going to purchase again from your business.  

They will protect you against critics and will try and suggest your business to their friends and well-wishers.  

Customers who rate 7 to 8 are known as passives. These people are those who are satisfied with the product or service but tend to shift to your competitors if offered a better product or service.  

Such people aren’t careful supporters of your brand yet on the grounds that they are always in search of something better. You cannot confidently say that these people will stay with your business.  

Customers, those who rate 6 and below are known as detractors. These are individuals who are the most dissatisfied customers who will never recommend your brand to others. These people will have had a history of one complaint with you, at least. 

You can expect that they will rant about your service or product via social media. While they are a flight risk, you could likewise need to be on their right side. It is smarter to endeavor to basically make them Passives. 

Why Use NPS to get Customer Testimonials and Reviews? 

Among all other client support tools that are utilized to figure out consumer loyalty, the NPS survey tool is one of the simplest ones out there for businesses and the respondent. 

Some of the reasons why NPS is used for customer testimonials and reviews is because: 

  • It is very easy to implement compared to other customer service tools 
  • The subsequent questions, whenever utilized shrewdly, can assist with uncovering a great deal of experiences about the business. 
  • It tells about those customers who prefer to purchase more from you. 
  • It gives you an idea of all those clients who will leave you for a competitor. 
  • It will help organizations understand clients who are bound to post adversely via social media.   
  • It will tell you why clients feel a certain way about you.  
  • It will help you control the harm done by distinguishing clients who didn’t have a pleasant experience with you. 

It is genuinely easy to calculate NPS. 

The NPS Calculation Formula:  

NPS: It is % of Promoters – % of Detractors  

If your NPS is positive, it indicates a sign that you have a larger number of promoters than detractors, which is good. The NPS score relies upon the business that you are in. 

There are some enterprises where an NPS score of 25 will be the most noteworthy whereas there are few other industries where an NPS of 50 will be the highest.  

On the off chance that your industry’s NPS score is 40 but 20 is your NPS score, then, at that point, you are not the best company in your industry. Yet, assuming your industry’s NPS score is 15 but 25 is your NPS score, it implies, you are a top player in it. 

There are few businesses that have NPS scores in the negative too. And therefore, your business may anywhere fall between –100 to +100. 

On the off chance that your NPS score is somewhere in the range of zero and fifty, it is viewed as great. 

If your NPS score is 50 or more, then, at that point, it is viewed as excellent. 

In the event that your NPS score is over 70, it is viewed as world-class. 

The Process of NPS Surveys for Generating Customer Reviews  

In general, businesses follow the process of finding their Net Promoter Score, but you should focus on the steps you need to follow for generating customer reviews from the NPS survey platform. Following are the steps of this process: 

Create & Send NPS Surveys  

The first step is to create and send an NPS survey. These surveys are simple surveys with a couple of questions. The first question would be asking for the likeliness to recommend the brand and the second one would be asking the reason for customers’ ratings.  

Using good NPS survey software is suggested to create effective NPS surveys and send them to your customers. Using such tools, you would be able to create NPS surveys and send them via multiple channels to many customers within a few clicks.  

Identify Promoters Among Respondents  

Once you have got responses to the NPS survey, the second step would be to identify the promoters among the respondents. Customers who give ratings between 9 and 10 are the most satisfied customers and are called promoters.  

These customers are basically your target customers from whom you can expect positive reviews.  

Show Gratitude and Ask for Reviews  

The next most important step is to revert to the promoters’ responses. You must thank them for giving you excellent ratings and promise your customers that you will be delivering them the same level of service and satisfaction.    

However, at the same time request them gently to post reviews. As your customers are happy with the experience you have provided them with, there’s little chance that they will deny such a small thing.  

How to Get Customer Reviews From NPS Surveys? 

Presently the question emerges is how to take reviews from clients with the goal that it proves up being useful in attracting an ever-increasing number of clients. Here are a few straightforward ways: 

Asking Promoters for Reviews on Social Media  

Social media is a great source of information these days, as per studies today there are around 3.5 million people on social media, which comes to around 45% of the world’s population. 

Therefore, your promoters, praising you and sharing their happy experiences on social media can help you a lot to attract more customers to your business.  

Reward Customers Who Bring Masses 

You may have customers like bloggers and influencers who have liked your products and services and must have given you a brilliant score.   

Try identifying such influencers and approach them to request online reviews. Influencer recommendations are something these days people trust a lot. Later on, you can offer them a bonus or a small share of the profit for the customers who make a purchase with you.   

Inspire Influencers to Share Success Stories  

Success Stories, testimonials, and case studies are incredible methods for drawing in a lot of new customers. So, you should motivate your promoters to share success stories, write testimonials about their experiences and or share information about their experience so that you can create case studies around their experiences and use them to attract more customers.                                     

Turn Detractors into Producers                               

Although this may sound impossible, but actually it is not! Reaching your detractors can even help you in generating positive reviews for your business. 

All you will have to do is improve such customers’ experience and close the feedback loop effectively with detractors.  

Use Survey Software With Skip Logic feature  

Using good NPS survey software can help you follow all the processes and ways smoothly and easily in an effective way. You will actually want to get real-time notifications for every feedback and set triggers to send automated mail and SMS to your customers.  

The Skip logic feature in the app will help you send separate messages to promoters, passives and detractors automatically, where in you can thank promoters and request them for reviews, ask for suggestions from passives.   

Sujata Kushwaha

Sujata Kushwaha

Sujata Kushwaha is a Digital Marketing Executive at piHappiness. She is passionate about topics such as SaaS, technology and business.

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