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Are you looking to conduct NPS surveys so that you could measure your customer’s loyalty to your company? Do you seek the best Net Promoter Score (NPS) software that will best suit your needs plus preferences?  

A good business would go beyond its limits towards keeping its customers happy. Yes, there are several customers. But is also true that a thousand other players are there in the market. So, it is better not to allow a single customer to leave you and go to your competitor. At this point, metrics like NPS could help you. NPS is all about maintaining your customer’s happiness. It measures how willing is your customer to recommend your products to their peers.  

The best way to maintain your customer and acquire more customers is through using NPS software.  

Check the Best NPS Software in 2022 

Let us compare the 8 best feedback software available in the market.  

  1. piHappiness
  2. Zonkafeedback
  4. SurveySparrow 
  5. Delighted  
  6. Nicereply  
  7. AskNicely  
  8. Wootric  


pihappinessA highly intuitive, adaptable, and flexible platform to manage customer experiences. The ideal customer retention partner plus loyalty delivers on the promise of data collection of customer insights with a wide variety of features.  

Using this feedback tool you could find employee hierarchy being able to delegate responsibility for the account that is given to several administrators with access to this account data.  

You could use your contact list to upload contacts directly to your system. You could provide access that is role-based to the contacts through defining such roles.  

By defining organizational hierarchy in silos across brands, industries, or entities to acquire better control through several roles.  

You could add several organization entities like branches plus subsidies to your account so that you could manage multiple accounts in one single place. You will never miss an opportunity for a survey or feedback with the piHappiness NPS survey tool.  

piHappiness comes with NPS and 360-degree real-time feedback, which is a superlative mix of quantifying student improvement.  

 Zonka Feedback

zonkafeedbackThis Feedback Software and Survey tool is one of the most easiest yet effective platforms to measure, analyze, and grow customer loyalty with NPS Surveys. It allows you to create, send or trigger NPS Surveys to engage with your customers at every touchpoint and measure Customer Loyalty.

With Zonka Feedback, you can create customized surveys and send them to your customers through multiple channels like email, SMS, iOS devices, Android tablets, and smartphones.

Some Effective Features of Zonka Feedback

  • Create Dynamic surveys with features like Skip Logic, Hide Logic, and Survey Redirection.
  • Ready-to-use templates and question types to measure feedback from everyone from various industries – patients, employees, students, and Clients.
  • Create Multilingual surveys (surveys in multiple languages) for diverse customers.
  • Real-time notifications for all survey responses or criteria set by you, like alerts for detractors.
  • Assign tasks to your employees and teams to take timely action on feedback and close the feedback loop.
  • You can measure NPS as well as other metrics like CSAT, CES, and eNPS too.
  • Trigger automatic NPS Surveys to measure Net Promoter Score at every touchpoint.
  • Survey Throttling feature to ensure that your customers aren’t over-surveyed.
  • Real-time NPS reports and dashboard.
  • The tool works offline also, can collect response data for weeks, and sync automatically when connected to the internet.

It also offers a free trial for 15 days.

promoter.ioThis feedback survey ranks as one of the most powerful NPS software that we have listed as this is a tool with no frills. Also, it comes with a highly intuitive dashboard where any brand can manage all it’s campaigns rather easily. As this support is available in more than 27 languages,’s back end and process are created in a rather simple manner.  

Best of features of  

  • The ability to throttle the survey counts sent during a time  
  • You get an individual dashboard that comes with detailed analytics for every campaign 
  • Filtering function so that NPS score can be filtered on the basis of several parameters 
  • Integrating with several other platforms 


surveysparrowThis feedback software comes with high recommendations, owing to the myriad features and the kind of support it has on offer. It has a conversational interface and is an easily usable survey tool to allow your surveys to turn into conversations.  

With SurveySparrow, your business could build surveys that are highly engaging and offers a memorable experience for your customer. Let us check some of the features of this NPS tool.  

Attributes of SurveySparrow NPS  

  • Both CSAT and NPS surveys are scheduled 
  • Employee NPS Survey 
  • Employee engagement surveys and 360-degree feedback 
  • Dynamic lists plus preview functionality 
  • Audience management, contact management, and segmentation 
  • Conditional logic, skip logic  
  • Customer pulse and employee pulse surveys 
  • Case management etc. 

From the features mentioned above, with comprehensive visualization plus analysis possibilities available, you could glean valuable information to acquire better business decisions.  


delightedThis NPS software is rather easy on the eyes and highly intuitive. Delighted allows for multi-dimensional survey methods like email, SMS, and web. The top features are: 

  • The ability to respond to the surveys on the email instead of having to use any kind of external link 
  • Customization and branding options 
  • You can see specific responses from the customers  
  • Real-time report and dashboard 
  • Support is available for customers in more than 37 different languages 
  • Survey throttling 
  • Integration with several other powerful platforms 


NicereplyNiceReply is one of the most popular choices when you come to think to measure customer experience. The reason being they delay exclusively with the customer satisfaction surveys that would deal with surveys of customer satisfaction that include Customer Effort Score, CSAT, and NPS. The platform boasts of one impressive clientele like Hubspot, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Buffer – making it amongst the best NPS software for 2022.  

NiceReply best features 

  • A UI dashboard that is intuitive  
  • Follow-up Questions 
  • Data range features included 
  • Insightful reports 
  • Displays data in your CRM and sets all triggers accordingly 
  • Integrates with several other platforms like SalesForce, Zendesk, etc. 
  • Survey customization  

The best part is, the feedback survey NPS tool aids in managing negative feedback, hence reducing the churn rate. All these provisions have made it one decent NPS software that you could rely on.  


AskNicelyAskNicely is amongst the most popular marketing tools found. It is currently one of the best NPS software in the market. This tool can integrate easily with the CRM system, a significant characteristic for being considered the best NPS software. Moreover, this software comes with a leaderboard feature that allows you to segment first and then classify products, employees, and channels.  

With the NPS monitoring features of NPS, users are in a position to track the survey score in real-time also providing feedback. AskNicely also allows you to create customizable reports so that you could create customizable reports so that you could monitor business performance. 

AskNicely smart features  

  • You and your team could share real-time insights  
  • Integrate your CRM so that you could survey a bunch of customers automatically in your CRM each month 
  • The logic of survey branching 
  • Integrating with third-party apps 
  • Scheduling daily survey 
  • 1-click testimonial publishing  
  • Survey offering that is customizable 


WootricWootric is understood for its ease and simplicity and easy setup mode. It can integrate with the right tools also automate the complete process of sending the surveys. It even performs basic NPS analysis automatically also collects certain qualitative feedback.  

As we are all aware, customers are generally hesitant about responding towards responding to email surveys. Wootric is generally hesitant in responding to email surveys. Wootric can reduce this by providing in-app surveys that would generate better results and a higher amount of feedback.  

Best features of Wootric  

  • Use Wootric through multiple channels like the web, mobile, email, and SMS without even thinking of duplicate sampling.  
  • Instant NPS analytics  
  • You can view NPS results through product account, version, or any other kind of user characteristics that you define  
  • Monitor customer retention and health plans  
  • Can integrate with SalesForce, Zapier, Intercom, etc.  

Wootric makes it seamless to see those trends over a period and allows you to take timely actions with outputs. Wootrics NPS gives you all opportunities to drill down NPS by your customer.  

5 Features that you could look for in your best NPS  

One can easily email the customers to receive the NPS. But the NPS usually lacks the benefits that one could receive from using an NPS survey tool that is specialized. Here are those reasons why you should use the best feedback survey available basis your requirements:  

  1. Make personalized feedback surveys using your own branding and logo. Thus, you will be able to familiarize a greater number of customers with your product, your business.  
  2. Automate all scheduling of surveys. That way, you could reduce all your manual workload.  
  3. Create effective follow-ups based on the responses you receive. Thus, you could manage detractors before they are able to spread any kind of negative publicity word-of-mouth.  
  4. Customize all your questions based on your respondents. Hence, you will receive the maximum amount of benefit from all your NPS surveys.  
  5. Utilize the power of real-time reporting and analytics with one industry benchmark NPS tool. This is how you could better the NPS score gradually.  

To Conclude  

This article has provided a knowledge base on the 7 best NPS software that is available. Moreover, we have explained in detail the features also the benefits each come with. The best software has reporting and analytics features that help all businesses towards working on feedback.  

Identifying the best NPS feedback software for you is your ultimate goal. However, it also comes with the budget element that you would have to think about. So, make a considerable amount of research and understand the pros and cons of a Net Promoter Score software before you go to investing in one.  

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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