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Like all businesses running online you too must have got a website made for yourself. However, what do you do after you find your website not converting, experience customer churn, and your product not selling? Do you know how to fix the issues? 

Ask any company or leaders with outstanding website and product delivery, how they drive home successful business and a happiness quotient into their business, they will tell you – customer feedback is the prime driving point that creates long term customer-brand friendship.  

Customer feedback helps you understand what’s inside the minds of your users – Something you could use to improve the customer’s experience, reduce churn, and ultimately boost conversions. Team it with some analytics tool to understand what is happening and why it’s happening. However, a customer feedback application is better than any form of analytics like Heatmaps, Recordings, or even Google Analytics as gathering information from your end users can help in better understanding than analytics.  

When you make a website and there is traffic, you wish to understand how your website is performing. A good website feedback application can help you gauge your site performance, let’s you know what your customers feel about your landing pages and the website.  

If you come to notice there is drop off in user visits on your website, you may take help of analytics tools to find out what your customers are doing, but it is just the website feedback software that could give you a proper picture of why this was happening. To understand the bigger picture, website feedback apps are best. Check the nine methods to understand your salient key performance indicators (KPI). Understand what drives your visitors home and what distracts them from you, what’s convincing them to convert and what causes churn.  

Improve your website’s usability 

Each time a user visits your website, they are making a conversation with your brand. Higher the user friendliness of your website, happier would be your users visiting it. Happiness index of your customers is the key to conversion and further recommendation. Using a website feedback app will help you understand better what your customers want in your website. You could use the tool and identify the usability pain issues and redesign your elements in the website to address the issues.  

Website redesigning 

It is better to make regular, small alterations in your website instead of a complete redesign. A complete overhaul of your website may not be a good option. In case you need a total remake of the design and look of your website, a good customer feedback is required. Just add the feedback button on your website pages and a pop-up survey for the visitors.  

Get higher conversions for landing pages 

Experience a life changing event in your business with high-performing landing pages by turning your losing business into profit. A good landing page is one that brings more leads and helps your brand with better visibility. Just set one or more on-page survey that appears every five seconds on your page.  

Spruce up your homepage 

Your users will first experience your brand offers through the home page, because that’s the first thing that appears on your website. Your home page is the face of your online presence. It’s a place where your visitors go and try to understand what’s so special about you. If you add a homepage survey, you get to figure what brings them to your brand and makes you go to the top of your funnel. A good feedback survey will tell you what makes customers come to you.  

Questions that you could probably ask in your survey are:  

  • Did you finally get what you came on our site to search?  
  • If “yes” then, what can be done to perform better? 
  • If “no” tell us what went missing? 
  • If you had the opportunity to change the page, how would you do it?  

Boost the sales of your e-commerce business 

If you are running an ecommerce company, feedback surveys can be a huge advantage for you. You could set up an on-page survey of post sales experience and gather the invaluable feedback of your customers. Brands with repute have made it their top most priority to receive instant feedback from the customers to make their next deals at tandem or better than the one gone. You could also receive some rave reviews that help in building a unique selling strategy.  

The questions that you could ask are:  

  • On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your overall experience with us?  
  • What can we do to give you a better experience? 
  • What in your buying experience was the best? State in two to three sentences? 

Understand what makes people leave, cancel, or lose interest 

It’s of paramount significance to understand why people leave websites. This would give you the opportunity to address the concerns they have. You could then come up with strategies that can easily attend to customers concerns and hence gather confidence in them, to win greater conversions.  

Figure if the pricing you have placed is okay 

If you confuse your customers with a bad pricing plan, something that is confusing, it could be a turn-off for your customers. To avoid such a thing, best would be to create a feedback survey that helps you identify exactly what pricing your customer could be looking at and what you could best offer. This is the best way to come to a mutual trade-off, that keeps your customer happy and your customers retained in your brand.  

Customer feedback apps for websites have gathered huge reputation in brands that are making global footfalls. Customer recommendations help in free, effective advertising of your product. This way you can best figure out if your customers like you or find someone else better. The best mode would be measure the NPS or Net Promoter Score. Based on your customer rating, you can decide your next step of action.  

Make a simple buyer persona 

When you create a semi-fictional persona out of your users based on the data you have collected, it gives you a fair idea of who your customers are, what their interests are, what they are looking to accomplish through this and other visits or purchases. User personas or buyer personas are best method of improving your business. They will help you understand what the thoughts are running behind people with a certain trait of buying behaviour. Improve your customer’s buying journey by understand user sentiments and their nuances through buyer persona creation.  

Understand your competition 

Competitor analysis is extremely essential as it gives you the idea about what charters you need to bring on board to give your customers a unique buying experience. You need to study your competition website, pricing strategy, and other vital elements to be able to sell them every time. If you want your business to shine, you need to retain your customers and keep them from going to your competitors. An extensive customer feedback survey and also a regular survey of your website and pricing strategy is essential to give a proper overall satisfactory customer experience. This would keep your customers stay with you and not shift to your competitors.  


There is a huge lot of competition that exists in the market today. If you are looking for a global footfall, you need to first create a website and then keep it spruced up, meeting your customer demands. In case you feel your website is lagging behind and you need to get the best for your business, a good website feedback survey using apps could be the solution. Get ahead of your competitors and make sure you retain your customers. The customer feedback software can help you to make the best of your business and create the platform where your customers are always wishing to visit for more.  

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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