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Effective teaching helps to improve students’ learning and prepares them for a successful future. But to deliver great teaching, schools need to get feedback from students and parents on their teachers and the learning environments they provide. A quality student feedback app can help districts, schools, and educators garner valuable feedback and insights that they can leverage to improve their teaching quality.

Importance of a Reliable Student Feedback App 

It is essential for schools to collect high-quality data that they can depend on for accurate insights. This will enable them to measure their output precisely and improve it. Therefore, it is crucially essential that the student feedback software they use conforms to best practices in survey design and research, and assures high reliability and validity. 

Benefits of Student Feedback Software
  • Teaching Effectiveness

    Efficient teaching methods can assist to improve classroom engagement and empower students to get better grades and test scores. You can use a school feedback app to measure teaching effectiveness and learn how much pupils are learning from instructors in specific subjects, how capably educators handle student behavior and attitude in classrooms, and how resourcefully instructors engage students with different needs or learning styles.

    The scores obtained for teaching effectiveness can help to predict students’ achievement in a particular academic subject and how well they are able to prepare themselves for further studies and a successful career.

  • Lofty Expectations

    Teachers should be encouraged to have high expectations for their students. When students believe that their teachers trust in their abilities and capacity for academic success, they will be more motivated to work hard. Schools can measure students’ views about their teachers’ elevated anticipations to learn whether instructors inspire their students to perform at their best and meet high standards of persistence, effort, and achievement in class. 
  • Classroom Atmosphere

    Schools need to ensure students’ safety and security in the classroom and on campus, so that they indulge in learning whole-heartedly without any fears or reservations. A student and parent feedback app can help schools to learn how secure, comfortable, and safe students feel emotionally and physically on the campus. This feedback can enable schools to improve the overall atmosphere and reduce instances of disciplinary actions such as expulsions and suspensions. 
  • Student Engagement

    An engaged student is more likely to continue studies at school, attend classes regularly, and show interest in achieving academic success. A student feedback app can help schools measure how attentive and focused pupils are in the classroom. The feedback scores can predict academic performance in a specific subject and class, especially test scores and grades. Plus, classroom engagement scores can be used by schools to correlate how likely pupils are to attend classes and complete their coursework successfully. 
  • Instructor-Student Relationships

    Schools need to ensure that students have a good bond with their teachers and other staff so that they are encouraged to perform well in their studies and have a good behavioral record in the classroom and on campus. A robust teacher-student relationship can help boost students’ academic and social performance.

    Schools can use a dependable student feedback software solution to learn whether learners feel they belong in the school and the likelihood of mal-adjusted students to drop out midway. The feedback scores can also indicate how much value students place on specific subjects and their probability of success in those classes. 
  • Improve Teaching Methods

    With a quality school feedback app, teachers can find out which learning activities are most and least liked by students in their classes. They can use the insights to design engaging and interesting lessons for their learners. Instructors can thus provide effective delivery methods to ensure better engagement and enhanced learning gains. 
  • Classroom Management

    Schools should encourage every teacher to conduct personalized student surveys to know each pupil’s views on the classroom and the specific subject. This can help teachers to improve their relationship with every student. Instructors can pay special attention to students who admit they have difficulty to ensure they are able to keep up with the classwork and motivate them to work hard to attain good grades. Thus, a student feedback app can also help to improve classroom management. 
Scope of Student Feedback Software

Schools can invest in a reliable and affordable student and parent feedback app to measure their strengths and weaknesses. They can utilize the insights gleaned from the survey data to improve their teaching methods as well as classroom and campus atmosphere, and inspire each student to perform their best work at school. 

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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