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Are you always wondering if you are missing out on valuable customer feedback since you are quite not looking at the right places?

The digital marketing landscape we have today provides a huge array of highly efficient standard methods for the B2B marketers so that customer feedback can be collected, some of them are:

  • Monitoring the activities in social media
  • Surveys on customer experience
  • Feedback forms
  • Data Analytics on website
  • Customer reviews plus a host of other contents that are user-generated
  • Direct interviews
  • Customer testimonials
  • Test Data based on usability
  • Customer and Sales Service Team Data

There are several traditional methods also, and each one excels in its own way, holding on to the promise that it would provide insightful information about both prospective and current customers.

Feedback apps are playing a pivotal role in creating that exclusive space that could be utilized by businesses to provide them with better marketing opportunities.

B2B digital marketers will be able to optimize their 2021 efforts at marketing by utilizing any or entire part of the five highly powerful unconventional sources to find customer feedback that could be explored.

Check the five unconventional sources to receive customer feedback:

Google Question Hub plus some other tools

Getting into the heart of all questions is most important to all your customers plus the potential audience is one helpful path to learn further about your customers also gaining the necessary information to give the best answers.

We have looked at several tools to find the questions the customers are seeking, like those of B2B Marketers 10 Smart Question Research Tools. Also, now Google has been able to expand on the Console by Google Research that offers along with the recent Question Hub, a new kind of service that finds search question data that is unanswered.

Google Question Hub focuses on all the unanswered questions online searchers are looking to provide an answer – that kind of data that could be used to build content that fills in the said gaps in information – a kind of potential treasure for all the B2B marketers that are looking towards differentiate their jobs or businesses with the best answer content.

Google Question Hub utilizes the topic categories so that it could organize unanswered queries the searchers have placed fourth, also allows those who are using the tool so that they could add their personal answers like videos or articles on those sites that are verified in the Google Search Console, even via the YouTube video.

Question Hub allows its users to check the rate at which their submitted answers have been performed, and even though the search rankings for the connected sites, next updates could gradually consider this kind of content among the ranking signals of new search in case Google thinks it okay.

As one new free tool, B2B marketers who look to both learn more regarding their customers plus the questions they are asking, also to provide responses through Google Question Hub could find it worthwhile exploring the new functionality of Google.

Asking in places that are unexpected

At times seeking customer feedback in rather unexpected places, also during unexpected times could catch one customer at just that right spot so that extremely frank thought can be provided.

It has been observed that by offering the brands the best of both the traditional inputs that are text-based also for those who would choose the advantages that video reviews provide, you could attempt at making your phone or camera’s video automatically on so that your customers could leave their feedback any time they wish to.

This video format of reviewing leads certain customers, particularly those who would prefer to leave either audio or video feedback so that they could lengthier also more precise kind of feedback, which could in turn provide businesses are much greater insight about their customers.

The highly emotional opportunities that are afforded using direct video feedback could enable the B2B businesses to provide a more empathetic hearing also could the creation of content that could address any of the concerns that are brought up in the video feedback provided by customers.

In case they say yes, in that case, they have added a video widget into their survey where they could just turn the camera on in their phones or computers and easily leave a response. The technology of gathering audio or video feedback- be it via survey forms or other systems of feedback- has never been easier in implementation, further in 2021 the suave and savvy B2B clients are continuously researching on their strategy for customer feedback, hence implementing such strategy would be a wise decision so that such possibilities could be considered.

A prime element to this approach would be offering the ability to leave audio or video feedback at that point within the customer journey where it readily isn’t expected. This is not to say that options of feedback shouldn’t also remain in all the traditional places within company websites or even social platforms, yet the power to surprise a customer with the power to share their thoughts visually and verbally – where they don’t have to type in the feedback, could be underestimated among the B2B enterprises.

Niche plus recent social platforms

Where would you go in the online platform when you are seeking honest thoughts from the real alive people regarding topics that remain new to you, whether they would revolve around some local business or a huge multinational enterprise?

More and more people have begun searching the term ‘Reddit’ in their search patterns and online searches to identify what comments are on the digital street about any particular subject, which could be why the discussion platform or aggregator of social news is acquiring the half-billion user mark that remains monthly active, and why it has generated greater than 30 billion monthly viewership of content that is user-generated.

Be it gathering the customer feedback through allowing customers to ask anything they would wish to know or keeping tabs on how the audiences are talking their frustrations regarding your brand, Reddit comes with insights for B2B marketers who are looking to explore.

With the huge growth it has experienced in the past couple of years and more, Reddit can barely be considered either one upcoming social medium or a network that is niche-only, but others within the social landscape are way too lacking in that stage where they could find a specialty. B2B marketers could benefit enormously through taking a close look at the communities, like the Clubhouse, and some others like Slack Communities.

Social Polls

Polls can offer those special two-prong values for B2B marketers, by providing prospect feedback and quality customer at the same time offering the brands a highly powerful and interactive social media element in content marketing.

Brands that would take a lot of time to listen so that customers are talking through their answers to their poll questions so that they could gather an inner glimpse into those areas where efforts at marketing might be put to maximum effective use, also they are a useful way of increasing brand awareness.

While the social media polls are rather more limited in the responses they could probably offer, brands could draw people who would go beyond simply selecting one existing poll choice through using the final poll choice so that you could encourage responses that are uploaded in comments.

Brands could also provide social media poll data so that they could receive feedback on their existing services and products, understand the pain points of the customers, test the interest in the newer product offerings, also to gauge reactions within newer trends in the industry.

Audience Usage Information that come in new forms

Websites currently have the power to collect a higher amount of data than ever before, yet they are filtering out the unwanted stuff to sharpen out and bring about the actually relevant gems from the helpful customer inputs could also be highly difficult.

Whether it is in the form of human support in real-time chat logs, chatbot data, or even information regarding website use, pulling away the good stuff has been a great challenge in B2B firms.

The best part is, to fight the record volumes of data, a rather impressive series of data extraction tools that are really powerful have come to the market, where some would focus primarily on collecting the customer inputs.

There are certain online places that hold valuable customer feedback, something that might often be overlooked, mainly and specifically the certain portion of the chat functions within the applications that are used along with the virtual activities. Merely a few within these categories, where you could find customer feedback would include:

  • Slack channels
  • Zoom chat
  • Skype chat
  • Google Hangouts
  • Microsoft Teams

To Conclude:

Within this highly complex entrepreneurial business scenario of 2021, the B2B brands would require more than always that clearly differentiates them from the competition.

However, finding also utilizing customer feedback app in those areas where your competitors could not be monitoring may prove a strong technique to help your businesses stand apart. The effort of this blog to showcase the unorthodox kinds of customer feedback would enable you to meet your marketing efforts in the years ahead, especially 2021 and the year forward.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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