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Have you been able to keep your customers happy?

If you are not sure, it’s not the best thing to guess. According to a 2017 study by American Express, a person from America will tell at least tell an average of another 20 people regarding the bad customer service he/she experienced. Customer feedback has become an important part of our lives as businesses largely depend on what our customers think of our service/product.

Things can go further worse according to a research-only 1 from every 30 unhappy consumers complain. The rest of them simply leave. This can result in a huge blow, however can be prevented.

You can prevent customer churn with the help of a customer feedback app, where you can actively encourage them to provide feedback. An excellent place to ask for customer feedback is your website.

If you could make your customers satisfied by solving problems they have, they will more likely get you references that are good ones instead of bad. Each customer who is satisfied would relate their experience to another 20 making the efforts of your business multiply.

Your business not just gets increased revenue, there are further benefits of receiving feedback from your consumers:

  • Providing insightful feedback enables service and product development so that you focus your resources on the specific requirements from you as the provider.
  • Receiving customer inputs would help you identify plus eliminate issues. People who are complaining about your services and products aren’t an annoyance they are giving you the impetus to perform better.

Check this blog and understand in 9 different ways how you could collect customer feedback on your website:

Popup one customer survey

Display a rather simple survey on your site and you can easily receive feedback. Try embedding your survey on a popup; you could grab the attention of your visitors on the website. Check the best method of grabbing the attention of those who visit your website.

Check how you can set this:

On a WordPress site, you could quickly create one contact form with the help of WP forms, essentially a drag and drop builder. In this way, you wouldn’t need to edit or create any of the code yourself.

While designing your tutorial about the method of creating feedback forms using WP forms. You could alternately use HTML. Keep it short within 1-3 questions rather than putting a yes/no so that you receive a more in-depth response. Check out the rest of the best survey practices so that you receive the maximum of your online survey. While you have created your survey, all you need is to click on the embed button to copy all the shortcodes appearing.

You will further need to follow these instructions so that you can easily connect the software to WordPress forms. You could insert your form into any of the pre-made designs in your template. In order to do that, just click on Add Blocks further drag and drop the HTML block to the place you want the form to appear. You can then add your shortcode.

With the help of a customer feedback app like piHappiness, you could specifically target the kind of survey you are doing in order to receive as many quality responses as feasible. We would recommend you display it to the returning visitors so that you trigger all your campaigns after they have viewed more than two pages.

This makes sure that the survey popup displays only to the interested visitors, those who are engaged with the content you provide already and would have some opinion about your content they can share.

Place a feedback button into your website

The help of the feedback button would give you another seamless way of asking for feedback about your website. The 2-step process of clicking on your feedback button uses the psychology principle stating those who initiate actions will more likely finish it.

By the time you have built your survey campaign, you can create a link with additional plug-ins. Copy the link code and share it on your site as a button. Here is the method of creating buttons in WordPress. Use “Feedback” “Talk to us” or similar kinds of phrases for the button text. Visitors who will click the button would see your feedback survey.

Give your customers incentives

At times you need to convince your customers to provide their feedback. Some of the businesses offer lead management in exchange for completing one survey. For instance, the popup used confirms a free gift if customers complete a survey.

For instance, you could provide a coupon, a free ebook, a template or checklist, a free guide.

Make use of Live Chat

In case you are interested in knowing what your customers are thinking, use live chat and talk to them while they are on your site. Live chat today is today one of the most important customer service apps as:

  • It is affordable for the business and convenient for their customers.
  • It helps in making sales – in a survey, 38% of the customers made purchases as they were in a position to chat with someone.
  • It allows you to figure out which issues are significant to your customers prior to a sale so you could address those in your marketing.

Good places to place your live chat will include your pricing page plus your checkout page to help you answer questions further reduce the abandonment of the cart. In case you wish to implement live chat on your WordPress site, you could use the customer feedback software of piHappiness.

Ask for feedback at the right time and place

To collect customer feedback, you need to ask the right set of questions to all the right kinds of people at the exact time that would increase your business’s chances of receiving a response. While receiving customer feedback, you would maybe wish to ask a different set of questions that focuses on information that helps visitors to purchase, at the same time the checkout questions could keep their focus on the purchase and checkout experience.

You could use the rule so that pages could be excluded, allowing you to show a specific survey on a specific page, or leaving the survey from showing on a certain page.

Introspect on why your visitors abandon your site

There are some excellent customer feedback apps that provide good customer insight collection options. They can detect when the people are about to leave the site and immediately pops up the campaign.

Ask your customers to select their interests themselves

A quick plus effective method of receiving feedback is creating a campaign where you can ask people to select their personal interests. This is a different type of feedback than those you receive from surveys, yet equally valuable. The feedback survey could be in the form of yes/no question answers, were collecting the information, the company could:

  • Figure what most numbers of its customers like followed by suitable promotion targeting.
  • Create buyer personas that are based on concrete data
  • Send several emails based on the preferences of the customers, ensuring they all receive relevant information. You could take the help of the experts who create these feedback apps to tailor-make your feedback form or button.

Monitor your analytics

While you are thinking of a way to collect feedback, web analytics is one excellent platform. It gets easy for you to identify which of the pages are receiving attention and which are driving the customers away.

In case you use WordPress, you can look at some of the blog posts on piHappiness. Further, you could check out how visitors are acting on Google Analytics.

Run your User Testing

You wouldn’t always need to use a survey or form to receive customer feedback. Instead, you could see how customers interact with your website. There are certain free test tools for 5-second that provides quick A/B user testing through:

  1. Upload a screenshot of your webpage. You can test the logos also the marketing materials.
  2. People would look at your page for about 5 seconds and the software would ask what they can recollect.
  3. Responses get recorded to give you insight into the insights of the first impressions visitors have.
  4. Responses get recorded to provide you with insights into the first impression visitors have.

You can test navigation, preferences, and clicks using the software.

How to use the Customer Feedback you collected

With so many methods of collecting customer feedback, you have a lot of options for the next procedure. You could:

  • Use your feedback to enable product development. If any of your customers all seek the same feature, then it would have to be a priority.
  • Reach out to all the people who give you amazing feedback and make a deep relationship to convert them into advocates. According to a study by Forbes, they would bring you further business through active promotion of your products plus services.
  • Use positive feedback like social proof on your website. That would encourage other visitors to come on board. If you are ready to better your social proof, you could find an instant hike in your customer conversations using the customer feedback software.

Now that you are best aware of collecting customer feedback, consider improving your content to receive returns plus adequate feedback.

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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