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The Net Promoter Score of the NPS system has become a staple for various business ventures, big and small. To have a personal insight into your customer’s experience and know more about the reflection of your services on brand reputation, stand as priorities when it comes to driving the venture forward. 

Now, while you collect the data on your past services, it’s vital to use it for your score improvement. The Net Promoter Score service provides a scale of 0-10. The customers with scores close to 0 are known to be the detractors while the ones with a score close to 10 have the identity of promoters. As you improve the NPS score, there are higher chances of growing your promotor-base, such as benefiting from loyal customers, squiring more patrons and of course, a brand reputation. 

You can, of course, take cues from the following strategies which ensure steady improvement of your NPS score over time:

1. Strategize Memorable Services

As we know, the online platform for any business venture depends heavily on customer feedback. From the rating system to highlighted reviews, it’s a make it or break-it under this public platform. 

If your services do not touch their hearts, there are lower chances of recommendation, or worse, a bad customer review. Hence, you’ll need to simplify your services to meet a suitable requirement. Such actions encourage customers to leave positive feedback and even recommend your services. You can also initiate contests, quizzes and more to make sure your customers are engaged. 

2. Be Responsive

You’ll notice how for various applications or online stores, the brands’ response only to a few customers while leaving out the rest. A key point to increasing the NPS software score is to engage with all customers, be them promoters or otherwise. 

Hence make sure to interact with your customers via their feedback, be them positive or negative. You can thank your promoters for being loyal patrons to your service and help detractors with their queries and grievances. 

As your customers take out time to send feedbacks, they also find it impressive to have your replies, showing personal connections growing with them. 

3. Balance Your Responses

Now as you notice a steady growth of your promoters, you might end up engaging more with the detractors with the chance of turning them into future promoters. Always make sure to communicate with your promoters, ask them on improvement tips, engage with them on their latest feedbacks. 

All in all, the entire customer base should be of your priority. Always remember, concentrating on recommendation encouragement should not lead to alienating current promoters. A professional venture makes sure to keep in contact with their entire customer base. 

4. Teach Your Employee Base

A happy customer base can only happen if your entire business venture is aware of the effort you’re putting in to grow your enterprise. Hence, make sure to hold workshops and teach every organization employee the functioning and vitality of the Net Promoter Score Software or NPS. 

Hence, you can achieve your goals as a team where everyone can share the responsibilities to provide customers with post-purchase services. 

The team members who are in direct contact with customers can benefit from knowing about the NPS software when you engage your employees to bring about higher productivity

5. Ensure Consistent Services

Your service quality reflects on the number of consumers wishing to recommend your brand to close ones. Hence, ensuring the consistent output of quality services such as on-time delivery, transparent return and refund services, and personalized online searches can guarantee long-term customer engagement. 

Such steps are easy, but the challenge lies in the unchanging quality of such services. Hence, memorable customer experience can lead to a rise in positive reviews and recommendations, thereby improving the NPS score with time. 

6. Monitor Your Score

When you earn enough NPS Score, make sure to keep an eye on your services to not lose the improvement. Hence, strategize on improving your business productions which satisfy old customers and new. Therefore, you are strengthening your bond with the old patrons all while ensuring the new consumers lean towards becoming promoters of your brand value. 


Net Promoter Score is the ultimate reflection on the level of professional undertaking you ensure to keep your business afloat and thriving in this competitive market. You can check out piHappiness’ NPS Software which ensures on-time data on customer reviews inclination towards promoting your business through recommendations. 

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham

Chanakya Kyatham is a Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ParamInfo Computer Services Pvt Ltd and piHappiness. He is passionate about topics such as SaaS, productivity, Android and iOS, general technology, and business.

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